needing some help here.

i've been living in the Philippines for almost 2 years. i had ACR card on my 1st year with the company which was expired on march 2017, along with the AEP card. then the company extended my AEP but not the ACR card. then i resigned and moved to another company. now i have AEP card from the current company but they said they will not process ACR card since AEP card is enough.

would it be okay or should i push back and ask them to process my ACR card? i'm holding 47a2 visa.


(47a2) Special Non-Immigrant Visa
This is a type of working visa issued to foreigners employed in regional headquarters and regional operating headquarters of multinational companies, or those employed in BOI- and/or PEZA-registered companies. While holders of the 47A2 visa to the Philippines are exempted from applying for an ACR I-Card, they can opt to get one as this is considered a good identification for expatriates."

but i also saw this "Who are required to apply for an ACR I-Card?

All foreign nationals under immigrant and non-immigrant visas including holders of Temporary Visitor's Visa, who have stayed for more than fifty nine (59) days in the Philippines."

so which one is correct? :p

thank you :)

Hi, Im having exactly same problem. Since applying to some VISA required and ACR I (Updated) . Could your company in Philippines issue the new ACR i. This my E-Mail: ***. Please let's talk about this. God bless you!

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