need help about invitation letter for visa in philippiness

hello friends, i m from india going philippines next month on tour visa. i need invitation letter from my friend. can anybody tell me about that which points should be mention in invitation letter?

Why would you bother a friend to write to you a invitation letter yet you can come to philippines with a tourist visa,after all your coming for tour right?

even in tour visa i need sponsor letter from friend

I see,most important is that your friend should declare in the later that he realy knows you,your purpose of visit and that he can accommodate you for the length of stay you will be here.

Hi ndoshani.., i'm steev from india also.. I hv the same kind of issues due to my philip tour.. I also trying to get a friend for sponsor me there.. Its only the issue of indians.. Coz,  for indians cant allow the open arrival embassy of philip, india. Need sponsor is must.  Frnd, me also finding to get a frnd for sponsorship. Hope we can get a good frnd for sponsorship/invitation frm there for us..

You don't need a sponsor letter if you apply for tourist visa when I had applied from Bombay my papers went to Delhi as Philippines Embassy is in Delhi I was not asked for sponsor letter
Yes for Indians anywhere in the world you go you need to apply for a visa before flying not like other countries either you don't need a visa or on arrival they issue at the airport

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the invitation letter they require don't normally mean like inviting you to come. I think the letter they need is the "Affidavit of Support and Guarantee" from the Filipino inviting you. It must have the following information:

1. your full name as indicated in your passport as well as your address in your home country
2. duration of stay
3. purpose of stay
4. passport number with date of expiration
5. in the latter part, the following phrase should be :
"That, I (means your Filipino friend) undertakes that the above mentioned person throughout his staying in our country, will be our responsibility and subject to the Laws of the Philippines.

That, I am executing this affidavit to attest to the truth of the foregoing facts and circumstances for whatever  legal intent/purposes this may serve."

If your friend doesn't know how to make it,he/she must go to the nearest notary public to make it and should be notarized. After that, your friend must bring it to the Regional Trial Court to authenticate the document.

Some countries require the Department of Foreign Affairs to authenticate the Affidavit. To be sure, you call the Philippines Embassy in your country if you still need the letter to be authenticated by the DFA.

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hello,can any one help me for invitation letter.i want to tour to Philippines,please i heed someone to help me.please reply me on this Email [email protected]

hiiiii i can help ur problem....

Hi jovie panisan > you could give useful information on the forum so that everyone can benefit from it.

Thank you.

how to invite the other countries to come in the philippines celebrations?

i think you dont need a letter anymore

Ey this made me smile...oooppsss not meaning it bad... Go to the Philippine Embassy Website in India and search for the Guidelines. It is always stated there what are main points that need be mentioned in the Invitation Letter. Bottomline though for as long as all are stated truthfully, nothing can go wrong;-) The same is true with Invitation Letters for visit to other countries. There is no "one & same format for the contents of the Invitation Letter."

Another thing, there are 151 countries allowed to enter visa-free for 30 days in the Philippines. Search if your country is included in the list. Your passport must still be valid 6 months beyond your intended stay and you must show that you have a return air ticket back to India. Go to the official fb account of the Bureau of Immigration of the Philippines as the list is posted there.

Hope this helps you.

gemini -the original post was in 2012    ,india is not incl in the list    ,did you get my pm.

so even if you have hotel booking, do they still need you to give sponsorship letter?

by the way have u read their rule on visa paper

that visa to the phillipines doesn't gurantee entry inside?

it depends upon the officer at POE

I fail to understand why do they issue visa, if they can't gurantee the entry inside the philps

to ishar18..i want to invite my frend ...and my frend is requesting me to send invitation letter...i never invite anyone in our place so i dont know how to start this i ask info to some traveling agencies and yet they say they dont know...seems a problem to me....

May iknow the nationality of your friend that needed invitation letter.

to can help me right can email me at [email protected]  walang lokohan a

Hello good day
Im belle my friend want to visit philippines he is an american what will be his requirement to come here and what should i do.

nothing mr american man.

Please note that anyone who issues a "Letter of Invitation" must be either a citizen or permanent resident.

They must undertake to guarantee the invitee's financial support during their entire stay, also to guarantee that the invitee will actually LEAVE the country when the visa stay expires.

In most cases immigration authorities are going to be looking for some kind of family relationship or at the very least a long-standing close friendship between the individual issuing the letter and the invitee. If this relationship cannot be verified then usually the visa is denied.

Also note that any false information, omission of relevant facts, or issuing a Letter of Invitation to an unknown person for financial gain constitutes the crime of Immigration Fraud which will result in visa denial, possible refusal of any future visa applications and may even result in criminal charges.

William James Woodward, EB Experts Team

ubelyanna wrote:

Hello good day
Im belle my friend want to visit philippines he is an american what will be his requirement to come here and what should i do.

hi belle ,most foreigner can visit philippines   -only requirement is return or onward ticket  ,if he would stay less than a month  -then he would get a 30 day visa waiver on arrival ,if want to stay longer -then he should get a visa in his own country  or extend while in manila

Thanks for the reply much appriciated thnks...

Hello guys, i am malik i am living in Malaysia i am from syria i have been applied for visa to philippines but they reject the visa coz of my nationality, but the guy in the embassy told bring inivitation letter from phililippines, my girl friend is there now but she dont know to do the invitation letter, anyone can help me please

Hi guys my boyfriend is living in Iraq and I am from Philippines he want to travel at Philippines but he need an invitation letter.but I do not know how?do I need a requirements? And what are they?

I am waiting for the answer pls

cherelyn25 wrote:

Hi guys my boyfriend is living in Iraq and I am from Philippines he want to travel at Philippines but he need an invitation letter.but I do not know how?do I need a requirements? And what are they?

Most people coming here do not need an invitation letter, so very few people would have experience of this.

The reply from James on 13 June 2014 above, should give you an idea of where to begin.

To be honest, I would not know where to begin other than the normal guarantee of support for the visitor, proof of your income etc.
However, this does seem a bit unusual this way round.

Most of us just arrive and get the free 30 day visa free period, (and some then keep renewing for up to the next 3 years)..  No invitation letter needed, especially as we often are not visiting anyone specific when coming on just a holiday.

I just googled the invitation letter and got this page from the Philippine Embassy, its worth some time to read. This specific page deals with a filipino inviting family to Singapore but the information may be relevant in many circumstances. … on-letter/

Oops I should add that most people know you can enter your country on any embassy site and it will tell you the requirements for that country. The Phils Embassy site may have several pages about invitation letters and you have to search around.

1) According to the site, ALL countries (except certain ones) need an invitation letter.
2) Site says its possible you wont not be asked for one (strange!)
3) The letter is only one requirement so you have to search for your country to learn the other requirements specific to your country.

This is a good link to show what is needed, for coming to the Philippines from a Visa Required country.

Invitation/Reference letter from Philippine sponsor/contact person or company together with the inviting person's passport or any valid ID and indicating the complete address and telephone number(s) in the Philippines, must be attached WITH the Visa application.

The applicant must also prove financial capacity to travel.

I would guess an invitation letter, inviting someone to come and visit you in the Philippines, if needed, would be be something like this:

Dear Sirs

I have invited xxx to visit me in the Philippines in Month Year, for about xxx weeks [=length of stay].
He has been a friend for xxx amount of time, [=explaining the relationship] and we have discussed meeting each other for a while. [=purpose of travel.]
He has sufficient funds to look after himself, but could stay with my family (=Finances/Support)

My contact details are:

Phone Contact

That is similar to one I did to the Australian Immigration, when taking someone to Australia on holiday.  But that needed more to cover the evidence that I could afford to cover all costs.
That may or may not be applicable in this case.

This invitation letter is only specific to those countries where a Visa in required in advance, Iraq (re: cherelyn25) being one of those countries.

Nationals of most countries in the world (157 out of the 196 total) may enter the Philippines as a tourist, without a visa, and therefore no Invitation letter is needed for them.

Please help me to make visit visa of Philippine

I need to sponsor letter of Philippine friend

what requirements needed to invite a friend from Bangladesh

who are you and for what purpose do you need an invitation letter ?

is there Philippine embassy in Bangladesh or consulate ? if so, kindly ask that you friend to go to the embassy and and get the requirement. That will set a base on what you need to do next.

am indian  and i was planing to vist my  philippines  . they told me to get invitation letter i have frnd ther can any one help me ... do we need to get attested by notary i am applying for visiting visa

Yes you will have to get a notary, but your friend will have to make an invitation letter inviting you to Philippines and will authenticate the letter with a lawyer in the state or province where he/she is residing. after that, he/she will take it to a regional trial court to obtain an OTC. The last step will be taking the invitation letter that was notarized together with the OTC that was obtain from the regional trial court, he/she will proceed to DFA for the final notarization, Depending on the service you paid for "express or normal" you paper will be release in a red ribbon format and deemed legal to use for VISA processing in the Philippines embassy or Consulate in INDIA. 

This is the right process for everyone coming into the Philippines that is required to get a VISA for tourist purpose only.

Depending on the reason of traveling to the Philippines. There are some countries that are not required to get into the Philippines with Visa, but some are required to get a VISA prior coming to the Philippines. Kindly check with the Philippines consulate in your country before making any move.

Wat if I don't have any one ther and I want to travel free . Are u saying if i don't have any one ther I cant get tourist visa