permanent visa for pakistani

after 1 year TRV       pakistani can get Pemanent resident visa(PRV). if no what reason?

According to the consulate here in the Philippines.

Permanent Resident Visa

If you are legally married with a Filipino citizen, you may apply for the permanent Resident Visa (13A) as stated of the Philippine Immigration Act of 1940, Section 13. You must meet the following requirements:

Notarized letter of application by the Filipino spouse
Accomplished and Notarized General Application Form
Copy of the birth certificate of the Filipino spouse, authenticated by the NSO
Authenticated copy of the Marriage Contract by the NSO or Philippine Embassy abroad (if you got married abroad)
Immigration Clearance Certificate
Copy of the foreigners passport showing the date of arrival and Visa (Balik Bayan Stamp)
certification of a savings bank account with the minimum 10,000 US$ on it to prove, that you can financially support your family
pay about 20,000,- Pesos in total for fees (10,000 for application and another 10,000 for approval)
After the application is submitted, it may take several weeks or even month before you will finally receive your Resident Visa. After the first application, your Resident Visa will be granted for only one year.
After one year you'll have to submit another application but in a more simple way and the Visa then will be good for 10 years, before it needs to be extended again.

You can apply for the Resident Visa (13A) at the Immigration Offices in Manila, Cebu and Davao City. You may also ask for advice and help at any other Immigration Office in smaller cities in the Philippines.

After all, applying for the Resident Visa in the Philippines is a very time consuming process. If you are married to a Filipina anyway, you might also think about staying in the Philippines on the basis of a Balik Bayan Visa and make a short Visa Run out of the Philippines once a year.

visa is granted for 1 year,  after 1 year it will extend  for 2 years it will not extend for 10 years I hv  also philippines senior citizen card and vote card, may be   rules change

bank refuse to open  my bank account.because i hv TRV. if any TRV  hv bank account contact me

you can open a joint account with ur filipina wife
And you can open your own bank accounk in BDO...they will try to rejact your application but you have to convence them that you are resident and its ur right to open a bank account here

When does a foreigner have the right to open a bank account here in the Philippines?    I think not !

hello sir Aoa i am living in iloilo philipppines almost 3 years
i have already bank account if you need further detail just text me back

Yes I already open my own bank account in bdo, in local  currency peso

Yes I open my bank account in bdo

Hi all Expat fellows,
I am looking forward your kind suggestion and advise as my wife is Philippine national and I am Pakistani passport holder and willing to relocate in Philippines. Kindly advise which immigration visa will be the best for me as some lawyer the spoke me as Pakistani is restricted national and just can get TRVisa only which also have to renew after 1 year for another 3 years for as long as I 'll stay in Philippines.

Kindly advise or suggest how I can get permanent resident visa.
Your reply will be very helpful & valuable for me.

Yes bro...Pakistanis can onlu apply for TRV visa and will renew it after every 2 years...
First time they will give you 1 year TRV and after that you can renew it for next 2 years or 3 years maximum....
You have to apply for TRV ....No other option...
You can apply by your self in manila or in ur city....

Thanks Mehran,

Your response is valuable for me hance I don't have any other option except TRV, would you recommend any law firm who can file my TRV or else recommend to do by on self as seems the process seems quite difficult.

Hi ahmaddunya,

I have sent you a private message regarding your visa.


There are agencies acceradated with BIR you can google it...and it worth it under 20 to 30k pessos...

Before, Pakistanis can easily get permanent visa, but mostly just get married Filipino wife and leave their wife with no support. The complains have increased in immigration and in Pakistan Embassy. So your nationals are restricted now to have a permanent residence.

philippines men also leave their wives with out supporting even they hv many kids. india is also restricted country,why they pay less than pakistani in immigration visa fee and airport tax,why allow them visa for 5 years, and 2 years for pakistanis,it is unjustice

5 years ago Pakistani's are not restricted, they enjoyed permanent residency  with no expiration, which was much better than Indians. But this was abused by most of your country men that's why they made this restriction.

what will you say about saudi, kuwaiti,australian.i hv many examples,an australian killed the falpina in philippines,saudi ,kuwaiti killed the falpina,but here double standard, why silent here.why philippines give permanent residece to these passport holder citizen.indian pay on airport tax 2170,pakistani pay tax 2880 pesos, why here pakistani more dancing than indian, i do not argue. it is unjustice. falpina also abuse i observed many american begging in manila.because they pay all wealth to falpina.

Iftikhar, Indian are building mactan new terminal so I believe reason they don't pay airport tax.. secondly for all other nationalities reason they have different standard is based on bilateral economic cooperation between countries and foreign missions, I don't think Pakistan promotes its self in any area of Philippines economy , compared to middle eastern and other countries..

yes i know indian participate to promote  philippines economic. for your kind information it is five six  called bombay,  luzon to mindanao they are thousents in number,they pay money 5000 and collect 6000 in 40 days  per day 150 pesos.  pakistani community do business  here to promote economy of philippines, but  indian and other nationality holder pay low airport tax. and visa fee.  i  think it is unjustice

iftekhar you didn't get my msg.i never said indian are contributing to economy, they are building the new Cebu Mactan terminal and old terminal is being contracted to indian company.

regarding economic contribution that is being done by middle eastern countries who employee Philippines and generate foreign exchange for country when Philippinos send money back home.

Despite all above, you should rather focus on what matters than what doesn't .. I am certain Americans Europeans all other nationalities pay same fees as you do ..

so take it easy and enjoy the beauty and hospitality of country where you living right now ..


it is true indian pay fee 2170 and  pakistani pay 2880 air port tax i m witness.and do teach me lesson

Perhaps this explains things better..Source is PRA. More Chinese expats than any other nationality have retired to the Philippines, according to the Philippine Retirement Agency (PRA).After Chinese, Koreans were the second largest cohort with 10,384 retirees (21 per cent); Taiwanese with 4,524 (nine per cent); Indian, 3,991 (eight per cent) and Japanese, 3,442 (seven per cent).Americans, Hong Kong Chinese, British, Germans, and Australians complete the top 10 nationalities.

what i knw is Pakistani national are restricted cz pakistan and phillipine have not signed contract about residency which mean both countries dnt give permanent residency.
Thats just lame comment that Pakistanis leave their filipino wives and there is not a lot of pakistanis residing here in philippines. I dnt knw why you dumped all the trash on pakistanis nationals.

I agree with Mehran52. Its a lame excuse to say that Pakistani leave their wife. And based on my experience with BI. Ifthikar you are correct they are very unjustice and racist.

When I had a convo with immigration they want me to pay service fee of 10,000 pesos for his visa to be updated since he overstayed in PH. This 10k is different from BI  penalty fees that has a receipt.

I dont have a choice. Since my husband is a good man. He never gave me a problem and even in the country I dont want him to get any trouble at the immigration at the time he leave PH.

I was hurt for my husband good thing Ihe dont hear what this BI officer said. Pakistani are terrorist, they dont have a place here in PH, they dont smell good and they are ugly and black. If I am at the airport at the time of his arrival I will not allow him to enter PH.

I quickly respond. Shame on you sir, you are such a bad guy. You dont even know this person. You dont even know the reason why he overstayed. And if you will tell he is ugly and he smells bad. You show how ugly your personality is in and out and you smells like a rotten rat the way tou judge people.

I want to get the name of BI officer that Ive talked to over the phone. But none of them allow me to have the name of the person that is on the other line.

It really breaks my heart. But inshallah in future there is a chance for them to get PR so it would be easy for us.

Hi how r u do u any idea my wife she is fillipina n we have one son here in UAE I would like to visit my in laws in Phillipine with my wife the problem is I don't carry bank account what shal need to do to get Phillpine visa ??

I opened a bank account with my TRV in Eastwest Bank.

dollar account or pesos account? why east west refuse me to open account. do you have business register  your own  name ?

How can i get Philippines resident Visa

Sulman Muhammad wrote:

How can i get Philippines resident Visa

Welcome to the forum Sulman, Google will be your best friend as well as expat sites, research and research well.
Could I suggest that you start with Philippines Immigration for what is available to suit your needs and also the relationship with PH and your own country.
The PRA (Philippines Retirement Authority) offers many options within their SRRV program, check that out as well, good luck and happy reading/research.

Cheers, Steve.


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hi, I am a Pakistani national, working in Dubai, I am married to Filipino national, kindly suggest me how can I get a permanent residence visa as I am willing to shift in the Philippines with my wife,

Mehran bhai, any idea how much will be cost for TRV visa if we apply in manila? i am also Pakistani national married to Filipino

Asalam o likum, Although you asked from Mehran Bahi, but it's a open forum and I am Pakistani living here in Manila since 2017,  I do like to share a little information , it might help you.

There is no permanent resident visa for Pakistani nationals any more, only way is to get a visa is a temporary resident visa they call it TRV conversion by Marriage, you can secure it easily if you have a marriage certificate either from your country or  PSA marriage certificate which you can get it in the Philippines only. Cost  of TRV visa is around 13000 php, consider it like 15000 peso in total because you have to pay for medical and NBI clearance as well.

TRV Temporary Resident Visa is issued for 1 year and extendable to total for 5 year, after first year of Probationary Visa, extension is allowed for 2 years to Pakistani nationals and then another 2 years and after completing 5 years you can apply for Philippines Citizenship through court process which usually takes around 1 year more or less. Philippines don't allow duel citizenship to Pakistani nationals so you have to leave your Pakistani nationality before getting Philippines Citizenship and passport.

These guys are very strict now, specially for Pakistani nationals, Pakistan is on the list of Ristricted nation's  among few others. Even after getting TRV Resident visa  by Marriage it's hard to get a Bank account in a local bank around Philippines. They refused my application almost at 7 banks in Manila.

Even A very basic services of money transfer Apps  and Mobile Wallets like Gcash, paymaya refuse to fully verified because of Nationality.

Hard to get a job here as well on TRV visa , A lot of companies doesn't recognize the TRV as a Valid Employment Permit.

Although It's easy to do a business here. Very easily to get registered and start your own local Enterprises or even a Corporation.

dpk.vicky wrote:

Mehran bhai, any idea how much will be cost for TRV visa if we apply in manila? i am also Pakistani national married to Filipino

Feel free to contact me , I am living here in Mandaluyong Manila. If you need any guidance and information I am here to assist without any greediness of  getting something form you.


Indians get charged 37k plus for a TRV so don't tell me Pakistanis are discriminated against. lol

Indians come here and fool around and flout immigration rules, work illegally etc. this is the reason. I'm an Indian. I don't feel discriminated against!

i am TRV visa holder pakistani and i have bank account in BDO