13a visa letter from my wife

hello everyone,
so im starting my 13a visa and my wife need to write a letter but what theletter must say? i have know idea what she must say? dose some one who did this can help me? thanks

Are you applying for a "Permanent Resident Visa" ?

thanks fore reply..yes 13a for pemanant resident.

steph21 wrote:

thanks fore reply..yes 13a for pemanant resident.

13(A) The wife or the husband or the unmarried child under twenty-one years of age of a Philippine citizen, if accompanying or following to join such citizen;

Checklist of Requirements for Conversion to Non-Quota Immigrant by Marriage Under Section 13(a)

1. Letter request from the petitioner, with a statement that all documents submitted were legally obtained from the corresponding government agencies;

2. Duly accomplished and notarized Consolidated General Application Form (BI Form No. RADJR-2012-01);
3. Original copy of NSO issued Birth Certificate of the Filipino Spouse;
4. NSO authenticated copy of the Marriage Contract of alien and Filipino spouse or if solemnized abroad, marriage Contract Authenticated by the Philippine Embassy/consulate nearest to or in the place where the marriage was solemnized, with English translation if written in other foreign language;
5. Photocopy of applicant's passport showing its bio-page, admission and authorized stay of at least 20 days from date of filing; and
6. Bureau of Immigration (BI) Clearance Certificate.

Source: Click here and then click (A)

thank you for reply but my question was for the Letter request from the petitioner, what the letter must say?

thanks you

steph21 wrote:

thank you for reply but my question was for the Letter request from the petitioner, what the letter must say?
thanks you

There is a sample letter from Philippine Immigration but sad to say it was not published. We can not download as of the moment. I emailed them and adviced them to enable the downloading of this file. Anyway, I found sample from Internet. See below:

"Sample spouse letter for 13 (a) Resident Visa – Philippines immigration."

18 October 2012
Bureau of Immigration
Intramuros, Manila


May I respectfully request a non-quota immigrant visa under Section 13, paragraph A of the Philippine Immigration
Act as amended, in favour of my foreign spouse, ________________ ,  a _______________________________national. I am ____________________________________, a Philippine citizen. We were married in _______________ on _______________
I am enclosing here copy of the following documents to prove my above-cited information:

1. My NSO-issued Birth Certificate
2. Our NSO-issued Marriage Contract / Philippine Consulate-authenticated copy of our Marriage Contract /
Marriage Certificate / Family Register
3. Photocopy of the pertinent pages of his passport:
a) bio-page
b) page/s showing:
1. his immigration admission and its extension/s and
2. Bureau of Quarantine Clearance

Very truly yours,
Petitioner/Filipino Spouse

You also visit this site. In my opinion, it is a very informative post.

thank you for your help:) i see now what is it. i  thought she had to right a latter but its just a form to feel up. ok i will check the site and get all the forms.
thanks again

hi Steph21,

the letter given to you is just one of the requirements, but that's not all that immigration will ask you. If you are applying for 13a visa in its head office in Manila, try going inside the Intramuros. There is one area there along the restaurants at the back of starbucks offering Notary Public. Tell your wife to ask them what affidavits are needed for 13a visa, they are helpful and they charge fee on making the affidavit and notarizing it.

Goodluck to both of you.

Ah thank you but iam doing the visa from my country not from manila.

Learened a lot from this post 

Thank you

Don't mess with letters your self there are lawyers that do that you have to look around to find a cheap one I used a lawyer close to BOI in Davao City I had him do two letters total cost p500 each

I cant rememver exactly, but seems we used a format similar to the one above on our own, but like many suggested we were told to go outside to the Paralegals/Attorney and they redid it in there own format, seems thats what BI wanted...so best to wait and just let them type up the letter for you there...



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The example letter in a previous comment is good. There is no need to use an attorney for either the provisional or the conversion to perminant. I dud it all myself, admittedly for the 13a perminant with help from the BI office staff at Palayan.  Very helpful. When you do your 13a perminant in a year's time the list provided on the BI website, at the moment at least, applies only to the provisional.

An attorney will do this for around 500 peso, at least in Davao, let him do it

You can get the letter from an Attorney it cost 500 pesos in Davao you get 5 copies