Im looking for a work,they could provide a contract and visa

Hello here, does anyone here looking for nanny, housekeeping, caregiver .Im interested and ready to transfer.Thanks
Hi Anne Lorca Marquez,

Check out the positions advertised in the Jobs in Taiwan section.

Create your CV and apply for the ones you think you are the most suited for.

Best of luck

Djameel Team
@Anne Lorca Marquez
Should you not be asking your broker in Taiwan?

@Anne Lorca Marquez HI. Contact Steve Chuang at *****. He works for a broker and could help you. Tell him David referred you.

Hello hauthomme,

Thank you for your help but unfortunately the member Anne Lorca Marquez has been inactive since the past 7 months.

Also, for security reasons, it is not advised to share contact details of individuals on the forum.


Yoginee team