ESE Moe assessment and interview 2022

Hi everyone,anyone around who attended the online assessment with ESE.Plz share if they received the results and how long it took
I did my assessment on Sunday 17th and my results were ready on Wednesday 20th

@ireennzangura what did your result mail say?

@Daisy Taneja Katyal
That I passed the assessment. When suitable vacancy are available they will schedule me for an interview which will either be online or in person.  Meanwhile prepare the necessary documents.

@ireennzangura wow great.. When did you apply.?

@ireennzangura and also which subject did you apply for.?

@mapgamu I applied in mid March

@mapgamu  I applied for English language

Any updates?

Did anyone receive interview invitation?

@baraaanzeh hi, I also received an email that I passed the assessment but I did nit get any invitation for interview yet. Anyone?

@ireennzangura  hi any updates?

HI everyone. I had an interview in February. Submitted my documents in March and received my initial offer last week. Anyone else in this situation or know what's coming next?
@Tasmyn Abraham

Hello plz wanna ask what does the initial offer include????
@Tasmyn Abraham

No update yet, but I am still waiting patiently
@Tasmyn Abraham

Did you submit all documents including attested documents. I interviewed in April and still haven't heard anything back as yet.

@maya laz hello only ring my final offer is 5000 only ring


What was the nature of the interview? Was it virtual or face-to-face?
Hi guys,any updates.I had my assessment in April.I got the response that I cleared the assessment.But no news after that.

@ireennzangura did you received any call for interview?


Not yet. I haven't received any call. What about ? Any news about the interviews?
Hi all.. has anyone received any updates regarding when the interviews will be scheduled with the ESE?

The wait has been quite a long one..!!
@Tasmyn Abraham

Hi How long it took to get the result of your online interview

@Raji Biju for me it was 15 days

@rahulrt which was your subject?

@Raji Biju mine maths. your?


@Raji Biju when was ur interview?

31 St may
@rahulrt  hi when was your online assessment held??

Are you registered through any recruitment agency or directly through the moe site??
Are interviews started?

@Sreedevi Balasubramanian I applied through World teachers agency....My assessment was on 23 Oct 2021 and interview was on 1 Nov2021

@rahulrt  hi I also applied through world teachers and did my interview and exam same time. Did you get any update ever since it's been so long beginning to give up now

@Mcac1 what is your subject?
one computer science and one English teacher got final contract in 2022 April. their interview was almost one year before ..... So I hope the same

@Raji Biju did u get the interview result?

@ireennzangura when was your interview?

@rahulrt  English, I received my initial contract in March but haven't received my final contract. Did they  already  place them in a school ? And what emirate?

@Mcac1 I don't know more details but she told she joined school on 18th April 2022....their interview was around May 2021

@rahulrt that's good hopefully we should hear something back soon I did my interview in October

@Mcac1 If u get any update, please post here

@rahulrt will do