IPA got rejected by MOM Singapore

Hi honorable experts,
This is Anas uddin, from Bangladesh. Just a month ago i applied for Work permit under sembcorp marine Singapore by an agency from Bangladesh for First time. But sadly my IPA got rejected by MOM. Then my agency has given me a copy of a paper that was came from wp online.  There was written this candidate cannot get work permit please try for another candidate.  Now i want to know  can i apply Again for work permit  to the same company ?

You probably mean the employer (Sembcorp) applied for your WP. But what was the role of this "agency"? (Foreign agents cannot apply for WP, only Singaporean ones can.)
The wording "cannot get work permit please try for another candidate" usually means that there is no chance for approval (unless the circumstances change considerably). The employer should contact MoM to find out what went wrong - then you may try to remove the obstacle in you next application, if possible.

I am habi . from last year my IPa reject 3 times. currently  I am reason apply IPA also still rejected.  I wanna noe reason then how to get approval  to me start work manufacturing

Habibah: Nobody can tell, without knowing all details of your application(s), why you were rejected. Please read existing forum discussions to figure out which potential reason could apply in your case!

And: Please do not post the same content multiple times - we had to remove all the others!
hi im anu malaysian i work bfor 2015 i wrk in singapore then i back to malaysia now i want to work back in singapore and i got job also but the officer tel my IPA its cancel i dun noe the reason why  and i cal the mom they say not eligible and mayb u can try other compony what should i do now
mayb u can try other compony what should i do now
- @kruoananthini22
If MoM tell you that, it is best to follow their advice!

My application was rejected. Anad MOM just gave the reason:- “MOM assesses each work pass application ok its own merits, taking into account various factors. Please look for another candidate of a different profile.” I'm not clear with that. Can you explain???

It means you are not eligible. "Lokk for another candidate" means even an appeal would not help.

@beppi so what is my eligiblity??? I have submitted 3 times but answer given are the same. Can u give more specific reason? Or keep trying until approve?

@Fazlee Karim hi fazlee, this is a very typical of answer that we will get once the WP rejected. The only answer you could find is when the company is willing to appeal for you and they will only disclose the details to the company but NOT YOU. So you can try for the company to appeal for you and you will know the issue details from there.

@Fazlee Karim Without knowing all details of your case, nobody can tell what your rejection reasons are. But you could read related threads on this forum - most potential reasons were already discussed, so you could get an idea what applies to you.

just asking… My friend said if IPA invalid but still can apply for the work pass. Is it true?

@Fazlee Karim After a work pass rejection for one job or employer, you can still apply for other jobs.

But if the rejection reason is you as a person (which is what the rejection wording implies), then the result is likely the same.

@Fazlee Karim hi fazlee, are u a malaysian that resign during covid and decided to work in sg again? If yes, i strongly suggest you to apply fnb area. Hope this helps

@roserosland yes i'm malaysian but never been working in Spore before.. This is my 1st time to apply work permit but 3 times rejected.

@Fazlee Karim maybe can try fnb

@roserosland maybe u can recommend f&b vacancy available?

After applied and appeal… with total 8 times still rejected. No idea and words to describe my feeling now. From Technician to Aquarium Shop. But still not valid to get MOM approval… hmmmm

@Fazlee Karim yes, its been restricted now. As long you are not from sabah n sarawak and under 35years old. Please search in fastjobs.sg app. There are quiet alot of work permit quota and hiring malaysian wp. Hope this helps!

@Fazlee Karim hi Fazlee, you are not alone. I also facing the same issue, application + appeal = 7x rejected and only 1x approved but unfortunately I didn't proceed with the company that approved my IPA. But i never give up. Just try keep applying until its approved but in the meantime, please work in Malaysia first no matter full time or part time work. Allah will turn everything, example maybe the part time work in Malaysia can be a full time job and you are happier there and comfortable working there. But it can be the other way around like, if your heart still keen to work in Singapore, maybe during your period of working in Malaysia, MOM might loosen up the rules in few months. So always have plan B cos we also facing recession. Pray Allah will ease everything:)

Hi!  I am a Bangladeshi. My full name is Md. Mamunur Rashid. My passport name is given as Rashid Md Mamunur. I am from Bangladesh on 29/11/2022 and have passed the new skill test to go to Singapore.  But when I apply for IPA twice it shows invalid and says your application is not approved.  Now I want to know what to do?

Do you mean, when your employer applied for work permit? You can't apply for IPA, you get an IPA when the employer applies for a specific pass.

Yes if I apply for work permit.  My application appears invalid.  It says your application has not been approved.  So far I have applied 2 times and 2 times it looks like this.  What could be the cause of such a problem with my new skill. And what is the solution if you can tell me?

@mamungangni4 There are many potential reasons for a work pass application being rejected - reading about them on this forum can already give you an idea what might apply in your case. But in the end, only the employer can, by contacting MoM, find out the actual reason(s).

If you get rejected more often, it is probably time to look for jobs elsewhere.


I second Beppi, if you have been rejected earlier/ consecutively, it's better to look for a job elsewhere. We can't tell u here what's the reason behind the rejection. Employers do get to know the reasoning (most times) behind the rejection but again not a mandate that MoM has to share the exact reason.


Not sure that was you or someone else (name shows different) but I received a private message asking exact the same question, I addressed the similar to what was advised by Beppi and Shekhz.

But not sure what do you mean by if I apply work permit! Your employer or agent who is an authorised agency will apply your work pass, not you.

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