IPA got rejected by MOM Singapore

Hi honorable experts,
This is Anas uddin, from Bangladesh. Just a month ago i applied for Work permit under sembcorp marine Singapore by an agency from Bangladesh for First time. But sadly my IPA got rejected by MOM. Then my agency has given me a copy of a paper that was came from wp online.  There was written this candidate cannot get work permit please try for another candidate.  Now i want to know  can i apply Again for work permit  to the same company ?

You probably mean the employer (Sembcorp) applied for your WP. But what was the role of this "agency"? (Foreign agents cannot apply for WP, only Singaporean ones can.)
The wording "cannot get work permit please try for another candidate" usually means that there is no chance for approval (unless the circumstances change considerably). The employer should contact MoM to find out what went wrong - then you may try to remove the obstacle in you next application, if possible.

I am habi . from last year my IPa reject 3 times. currently  I am reason apply IPA also still rejected.  I wanna noe reason then how to get approval  to me start work manufacturing 

Habibah: Nobody can tell, without knowing all details of your application(s), why you were rejected. Please read existing forum discussions to figure out which potential reason could apply in your case!

And: Please do not post the same content multiple times - we had to remove all the others!
hi im anu malaysian i work bfor 2015 i wrk in singapore then i back to malaysia now i want to work back in singapore and i got job also but the officer tel my IPA its cancel i dun noe the reason why  and i cal the mom they say not eligible and mayb u can try other compony what should i do now
mayb u can try other compony what should i do now
- @kruoananthini22
If MoM tell you that, it is best to follow their advice!