Overstay fine - never got a fine?

Hi all,

I have an EU passport and would like to re-enter Brazil. Long story short: Back in 2018 i left Brazil after having overstayed almost 1 1/2 years. Now I would like to revisit but I'm scared/uncertain of the fine for overstaying. Back in 2018 when leaving from Rio (GIG) the lady looked confused at me, left for like 5 minutes and came back with my passport. I originally entered in 2017 and decided overstay and to just pay the 800 R$ fine rather than having to deal with bureaucracy. During my stay this law changed to the 10.000 R$ fine as you all know - and I was told there's nothing I could do to "get out of paying the big fine".

So back to me exiting the country: I never was called to go to the policia federal and i never actually got any fine. Just the exit stamp in my passport showing the entry and exit date. She said that next time entering I'll have to pay the multa (not even telling me how much) but never gave me any physical piece of paper or fine whatsoever. Reading through the posts here I got the impression that you would get the actual fine when leaving?

So that leaves me with 3 questions:

1.: Was i lucky and they might have never given me an actual fine by mistake? So that I am not marked in the system? Or is it normal for them to not give you the fine at the airport and just give it to you when re entering the country?

2.: What if I would re enter with a new passport (hence new passport number)? I need to renew mine soon anyways. Has anybody had any experience with this? My logic was that since the visa part will be empty and the number will be "fresh" they would actually have to type in my name and look for pending fines. (which, depending on the agent, might never happen? or do they check thoroughly?) I remember when I first entered brazil the agent barely looked at me nor my passport and just let me pass.

3: I've read about having to wait 180 days after the fine? Would this apply in my case if I left Brazil 4 years ago?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, I am very thankful for any infos regarding my situation as I am desperately wanting to go back to Brazil asap.

I would say to expect to pay on arrival and if by some miracle you've avoided it, then that's the bonus in my opinion. They will have your record linked to your old passport though, just scanning your new one, even with a different number, as far as I know, will bring up your entire record which likely has the fine attached. As to why they never gave it to you on exiting the country, that just sounds like how things work here unfortunately. Perhaps the person just assumed you'd never be back, and didn't bother taking the time to print etc. but either way, I'd be prepared to pay it!


My motto is, "Expect the worst:  that way you'll never be disappointed, and you may be pleasantly surprised".  So I would agree with English Penguin:  come ready to pay R$10,000, the current maximum.

That said, there's a definite possibility that all record of your fine was lost in the confusion when you left.  So when you reach Immigration, if they don't bring it up, don't you bring it up.  If they bring it up, you can try giving them the Confused Tourist look and say, accurately,  that no one quoted you any definite fine when you left.  They may wave you through, and if not, you're ready.  If they let it slide, you're good to go, and have enough cash to fund your visit.

This time, don't overstay.  The Law of Migration is no longer new, the officers are trained and used to it now, and everybody in Brazil is a little on edge during this seemingly endless pandemic.

Thank you so much for your quick responses - Yes I'm totally prepared to pay upon entering, assuming the worst case.

I've read in other threads about one having to wait 180 days even after paying the fine? Would this apply in my situation as well or have those 180 days long passed since I left in 2018? Obviously this would be horrible, having to return to europe after paying the fine and "wasting" the flight.

Are you sure the max. is 10.000 R$? Another thing I read on other threads were additional penalties which in my case would sum up to huge amounts. I always thought the 10k was the max. amount and was prepared to pay it.

Also, is it best to take cash in R$ already? Or can i pay them in € or $ as well?

Thanks again

Hey Habber,

my experience: back in 2015 I after a 3 month overstay, I had to pay my 800 R$ fine upon arrival in CASH. Unfortunately I had no idea. I only had my credit card with me. So two PF officials guarded me to an ATM outside of the immigration area. *I felt like a criminal who got caught lol

Thankfully my card worked in the 25 horas ATM. Then the PF officials took me to the SAFRA Bank, where I paid the fine and then I had to wait in a small office next to the immigration queue.

It took about 1 hour everything, but then I got another 90 days stamp.

In your case of an 10.000 fine R$, maybe ATM withdrawals would be every expensive, due to their limited amount for each withdrawal and fees...  also I wouldn't want to risk to hit the daily limit for a credit card abroad. I'd rather bring the 10.000 R$ previously exchanged in your home country.

Good luck and let us know if everything went well,


Hey mitchel!

Thanks a lot for your response and taking your time!
Yes i will arrive with the 10.000 R$ (in case I am lucky at least I won't have to head to an ATM later haha)

Does anybody have experience/information on late fees? Since I never got an actual ticket it wouldn't make much sense. I never even heard of late fees on this overstay fine before reading through threads in this forum.


no problem Habber.

In my case, I remember when I left Brazil I received already the amount, there was no extra fees. But again, that was before they changed the whole immigration laws.

I'm also interested what about the the late fee / interests nowadays :-)

Makes no sense,seems they only want cash?What if im an old lady from pasadena?Nao fas sentido.

boombop4477 wrote:

Makes no sense,seems they only want cash?What if im an old lady from pasadena?Nao fas sentido.

the old lady probably won't overstay for a year hehe

Hello everyone, I stayed for 5 months in 2013 and I was given 500 real arlund -odd money and I paid on my return in 2016 and there was no problem with it, but then when I left in November 2016, I stayed in Brazil for more 3 months longer, but when I was leaving the country, no one fined me and I left the country by stamping the exit. I left and now I will enter Brazil again soon and I wonder if there will be a fine at the entrance and if there is a fine, will this be through the old law of 2017, that is, it will be calculated from the old law of 2017, that is, it is calculated from the law after 8 real days or after 2017, it is 100 reals per day and I would be happy if those who have experienced me answer, the money will be paid when leaving the country in 2016. I didn't get a receipt or anything, but I had 3 170 days in total

I do not recall if there is a "grandfather clause" in the 2017 law.
The Safest way is to have extra cash on hand.
Maybe someone here had this experience and answer.

Id be prepared for anything

Thanks for the answers, no one fined me when I left the last country. I logged out normally in November 2016 and now if the fine for re-login is calculated as 800real max from the old law, it's fine but my guess is that no fines will appear in their system and I think I'll log in normally and just I'm wondering if something like this has happened to you, frankly, those who are fined according to the old law, those who entered the country again after 2017, are there those who pay a fine?

This "no fine" when leaving was and is ongoing. $R8.00/d is nothing So with the original fine + interest, $R10.000
makes it worth it.
Everything depends on the system. If entered in on the last exit be prepared for a large fine.

" I left in November 2016, I stayed in Brazil for more 3 months longer, but when I was leaving the country, no one fined me and I left the country by stamping the exit. "

Was this 3 months after the 90 days on the visa?
If so high % you will be facing $R800/ d + interest.

When I left in November 2016, I had a total of 170 days and when I left Brazil I did not receive anything like a fine receipt and I left the country normally and now after 2017 the system has changed and now when I enter Brazil again, I will pay the money that is not already in the system and the fine that was not given to me so and this is ridiculous It sounds like it and if there is a fine, the fine before 2017 should be max 800 real because the visa violation was in 2016 and is there anyone who has experienced this situation?

Believe us we understand, just stay calm when entering.
Technically overstays can result in voiding a visa and a return trip home. This does not happen often.
Countries amend laws all the time and it is not only BR changing immigration laws.

Your comments are very valuable to me, thank you. I just don't want to encounter a surprise when entering Brazil and I don't think I will be surprised at all, but I just want to be informed if there are people who violated a visa before 2017 and entered the country after 2017

In brazil,anything possible

@Habber what happened ? I overstayed 10 years ago . And then left brasil . Went back 6 months later and paid the fine and had a 5 week holiday now I am returning 10 years later for a 3'week holiday . Do you think because I already paid the fine and was let back in it will be ok ?

@Trudy Sandle Why would it be a problem if you paid the fine? That, of course, is assuming you didn't overstay at a later date.

08/11/22 @Trudy Sandle. Your record, as you describe it, is clear.  You shouldn't have any problems.  Have a wonderful trip!
what to expect for a late 10k reais fine. mine was about 6-8 months from departure, and i had to foot about 15000 reais to cover the juros / multa  so near 5k bonus money for PF lol

@Habber Did you return to Brazil? Did you have to pay a fine? I am curious as I am in the same situation, as I overstayed my visa by 11 days back in 2016 and was told to pay on my return. I am looking to return in February next year.