New members of the Greece forum, introduce yourselves here - 2022

Hi all,

Newbie on the Greece forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country,
or to tell us more on your expat projects in Greece if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hi, my name is Penny and my husband and I are going to hopefully retire to Greece next year. I have a million and one questions but for now would just like to say hi and meet others who have already moved to Greece.

Hello Penny and welcome!
I don't live in Greece, but intend to do so in a few years.

However, all my holidays for the last 15 years have been spent there, so I have a pretty good feel for all the greek "things". If we can help you with some advice we will be happy to do so.

Hi Penny,

My family and I moved to Greece from New York last August, you will love it here! If I can help let me know. Good Luck!

Hello Penny, i am here since forever so i will be glad to help you by answering any question you  have. Welcome!

Hello from Crete !
Im going to claim i'm the only Cambodian in Greece!
LOL Im only joking as there will be loads around (probably) just not all communicating in the same place like here. But will defo be a small community once we all connect.
So gonna keep the crown until another one of my fellow country people sign up !
Have a great day !

Hi my name is Gem.
My husband and I live in Canada but plan to split our time 50/50 in Greece when we retire.
We're well on our way to organizing our accommodation and the next step is shipping our car. I find it's really challenging to find information online about the process for complying with Greek regulations.
I'm hoping you're all willing to share your advice!

Thankyou for your reply  and offering advice.  I am sure in the months to come I will be asking for lots of that.   

We have booked 3 trips to Greece this year to see what the different areas are like and if they are right for us.  We are starting with Tolo in March.  It is hard to know where to start when thinking of moving to a new Country but I think if we can find the area we want to be in first we can go from there.   Where about do you live?   


Hello all !
I'm also a new member.
I already asked a question concerning freelance jobs in Greece and got an answer (many thanks to Elenista!), but if anybody has information I will be glad to get them.
I've now a new question concerning  accomodation :
We booked a trip early March close to Tympaki ("deep south" of Heraklion) where we planned to live in a next future (I hope so!).
This trip is in priority  to get an idea of the prices for a furnished housing in the region.
What will be your advices in order not to go here and there for nothing, knowing that we don't speak Greek for the moment (of course we don't want to be too close of touristics areas).
Many thanks in advance.

I am also looking at all kind of residential properties for sale  in Peloponnes and Crete
Maybe you would like to check out this site: … 000/page_5

It's a Greek site and I found it very helpful to get an idea on what is currently on the market in terms of furnished accommodation
It offers a good variety of properties for sale, of course depending on your personal circumstances,  size and the price
I hope this helps,

Many thanks to teachasse1, but my apologies, I forgot to precise that it is for rent and not to buy.

Oh ok. I am looking at both options as buying is prohibitively expensive in the Cyclades, for example. Looks like the Greeks are keeping  those islands exclusively for the high end buyers
There is a rent button on the as well, on the upper right corner. Just know that the choice of rentals is limited due to what I heard is people turning their properties into Airbnb rentals for a higher profit

Thanks  teachasse1, I'll have a look...
Concerning your last remark (higher profit) that's why I asked this question to get the best way (not necesseraly the web) to find a long term rental at a reasonable price.
Again, many thanks.

One tip: do it the Greek way, asking personally at the chosen location and word of mouth, have a great day

My name is sreejith balakrishnan from india, am working as a security guard in united arab emirates.i would like to do job and live in greece.

Julien wrote:

Hi all,

Newbie on the Greece forum? Don't know how to start?
This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country,
or to tell us more on your expat projects in Greece if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hi I'm new here.  My name is Pip and I am from England.
Not exactly an expat. I spent many years coming to Athens to visit my birth father after I was lucky enough to find him. I adored him and sadly he passed away 10 years ago next month.
I inherited his flat and since  2012 I have been helped by many people 🤣 at great cost. Enough is enough I need to do things for myself and hopefully I may find information  hints and tips here and perhaps even strike up a friendship.
It's nice to meet you all.

Hello, Julien, and all of you around the world.  my middle names are Jane Stevens; my first and last are not shared for privacy reasons.

I've been in western europe several times over the last decade, sometimes driving, sometimes riding trains, buses, underground metro and city taxis.  I'm fortunate I have a minor background in church latin as it lets me read a portion of the signs in spite of my inability to conjugate verbs in french, spanish, portuguese, or italian.  currently, after two years in lock down in north america, I'm sort of competent with the greek alphabet  -  decent pronunciation but mostly not a clue as to what I read.  laughing.

I'm way over the hill.  still active and contrary.  more interested in ideas than in gossip about celebrities.  spend time reading and doing research.  I've dug more deeply into the sicilian, calabrian, macedonian, greek, and albanian side of my heritage than the anglo saxon.

so, as part of an introduction  -  if we can ever travel freely in the future  -  I am interested in small cities or towns in and along the mediterannean.  I miss living in a marine climate.  I miss being able to walk to salt water.   I can no longer afford housing on the pacific coast of north america.  so, I'm looking closely at state department websites for different countries, noting each countriy's requirements for long stay visas, retired resident visas (my phrase - you probably won't find it on online)  way of life and cost of living. 

it should be noted that few of us have the economic wherewithal to purchase a passport.  not sure I would be comfortable if those people were my only neighbors.  what I am interested in is daily language lessons in small towns, housing lease for one to three years, purchase of very simple housing, and  figuring out what day to day living actually means in a variety of smaller places. 

I can get a "walk in" schengen visa for ninety days.  that's enough to park my bones in one spot, start buying groceries every morning, learning to talk to whomever makes my coffee, and checking in with the local people to see if they want anything more from me than "money on legs."

so, people, talk to me!  who are you?  why are you where you are?  an what are you going to do about it?  thank you for reading.  jane

I have booked my flight and accommodation to Crete for Mid September.  I would love to meet up with any English living in Kalyves permanently.  I am hoping to move to Crete within the next year or so and would really appreciate any tips/help with making my dream become reality.

Hi all,

My husband and I (we are French) are now living in Nafplio (Argolida) since a few months. Despite the extreme kindness of Greek people, due to the barrier of language, it is not obvious to link contacts. Then we are looking for people preferably french speaking (as my husband does not speak english...) living in the area ? We also have english friends, hence english speaking people are welcome to meet up...Thanks !!! Naste kala ! Francoise and Sylvain.

@Julien  My name is Michele and  currently living in Trinidad for the past 22 years. I am an American but moved here for my husbands career..He has passed away and love Greece ( extended family members are Greek) and want to re-locate.. I am gathering all info to make this move... Thank you so much!

I am Elena and I live in Thessaloniki Greece. I like to meet new people from all over the world and I am willing to help anyone with questions about anything in Greece. I am a pharmacist and I can also help with any pharmaceutical issues that I know sometimes foreigners may worry about. So , here I am :)
Hi Elena. My husband and I are hoping to retire to Greece next year, so I may be picking your Brains for information. We are hoping to go over there in October for about a month and visit a few places we have an interest in.
Because we will be in our late 60's pharmaceuticals and close proximity to hospitals etc will be very high on our list. Especially trying to convert our prescriptions.
So thank you in advance   Tanya


@dowlingtk Hello there! Yes sure I will be glad to help you with anything I can. Just send me a message . Hope everything goes well for you!

Hi My Name is Angela
I have moved to Glyfada since November  of last year.
I work in the beauty therapy wellness industry and am looking for private work!
If there are any ladies living in this area or close by i am happy to meet to go for walks or tea/ coffee.
I was born in the uk have british nationality and am fluent in both  greek and english ( my parents are from Cyprus).

My email address is
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Hi Jane, so, where are you now? If in Crete, we could go for coffee.
Another Oldie. Not a witch though, never liked the term 1f923.svg

Hi Everyone.
I am the newest newbie.
I am excited to be part of a great group on this page!

I am to be married in 2023 and My Fiance and I have been travelling to various destinations to explore 6 month/year semi-retirement locations.  My very good friend and her husband live in Canada but regularly visit Greece to spend time with his family and I have always been enthralled with idea of living in Greece and now it is becoming a real possibility as we research climate and community that suit our tastes.

My Fiance and I just returned from Zihuatanejo last week, have booked Costa Rica next but will likely switch Costa Rica for Greece or Italy.  I would love to know if there are any Canadians that have relocated to Greece or live in Greece part time and what your experience has been.

My question would be from any of you lovelies to share the place you live and why did you choose that place specifically?

Thanks everyone in advance for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

Hello everyone I'm David, and like others so many questions. In the process of obtaining a Nat D Visa under FIP category and so far so good- No criminal record and passed medical with flying colours - good to know even if I weren't embarking on this adventure !
Looking to spend 12 months in Crete with an ambition to finding a property for keeps. Really want to bring my perfectly good VW Golf down for ease of exploration. As if the visa process isn't challenging enough the tables I've looked at regarding vehicle importation are , well , seemingly incomprehensible. At this point I would like to salute 'The Grocer' for his tenacity and sharing knowledge on the process of doing likewise. This was though, some while ago it seems and post Brexit I guess no easier now. I undertsand the car is good for 180 days but don't really want to drive it back half way through my endeavours.
So, a 10 year old Golf Estate (Diesel) with 80 k on the clock, apparently worth +/- £3500 obviously MOT'd and thereby passing emissions test here in UK  - Are we more stringent here ? and following on from that it would sail through the Greek regulations. If the answer is yes would anyone be able to give a ball park of cost; And is the process as has been documented previously, and what sort of time frame can I expect.
I'm sorry I'm unable to bring anything to the party regarding answers to questions being at the foot of the ladder myself at the moment.

Hello Julien.

How are u.
I am Ivorian and I intend to come and settle in Greece, it is a country that I really like, especially because of the climate that suits me.
I would like to get in touch with a lawyer for the creation of a company I have a few questions to ask him concerning the residence permit.

Is will better if his speaking french.

@ZeusNYC1 Good evening Penny,

It is very kind from you,  to say that you can help us.I plane to go to  the beaches in south of THESSALONIQUE Perea - Kalamaria.... next september to find a place to stay. In which area are you in Greece?

Have you been on the beaches in south of Thessalonique?
Can you tell me if, most of the people, in Greece speak english or if they are special area where the foreigners are.....

Have you find a house or appt by an Estate agent or in making prospecting  when you were in the country?

Can you tell me in which internet site ,I may find the  dwelling,I am looking for?

I am  impatient to heard from you

See you soon


Hi my name is Paul kirby I'm 43 years old and I'm looking to move to Greece with my partner Gemma,

It's a massive unknown for me and not really sure where to start, so looking for any advice and help !!

I'm a qualified bricklayer and a hgv class 2 driver so hopefully I can get work but again not sure where to start asking for work or who ?

Hope to hear from so of you soon !!

@kirby1978 Hi,just to say ask if you are able to move here after we had Brexit,do you and your partner have European status?


Hi David

We're hoping to bring our vehicle over too. What I have found out is that it must be Euro 4/5 or 6 to be imported so yours at 10 years will I assume be OK.

There is a penalty of 1000 euros for euro 5  and 3000 euros for euro 4 I believe plus various costs for customs help, plates etc. Sounds to be quite a palaver but we think it's worth it.

Most important is to get a certificate from the Greek consulate in your home country prior to departure.

Good luck!

Yes We are both British nationality !!

@kirby1978 Does that mean surely that you can only stay 90 days in every 180 days?

Hello everyone, I´m Matthew 39 from England i´m living in Samos at the minute with my Greek wife 32 and Daughter 16 months. We will be moving to Thessaloniki in September and will be looking to connect with other parents and English speakers to meet up for play dates and enjoy the city. We would love to hear from you if you wanna hang out.

@Sereyrath are u still in Greece


Hello everyone,
We are a family living in France with three teenagers.
My wife's father was Greek, she speaks greek -but not like a native-, and we have been vacationing in Greece for over 10 years.
We took a step forward, and now we want to sell two small apartments she owns in Athens and buy an apartment in Attica.
We have identified some difficulties related to these operations and are looking for professionals who could help us.
We understood that a lawyer is essential, a notary is compulsory and a civil engineer is very necessary.
We will seek among these professionals those who speak French or English.
Of course we are very attentive to the experiences of those who preceded us in this process!
What is certain for now is that all of this will be long and difficult.
See you soon !
@Julien Hi,
My wife are l presently reside in Reading UK, but we hope to retire to Greece within the next two years all going well.

We recently spent two weeks in Stavros and toured around the surrounding mountains and seaside villages and down into the Haldikidi and also really enjoyed Sithonia peninsula. The other place for possible retirement is Korfu.
But we also like Stavros and Sithonia as they are both within easy reach of Thessaloniki and the benefits of having a decent sized airport, rail link to the south and excellent health care facilities and hospitals.
One possibility is to rent a place within the Thessaloniki precinct while we look and explore the different areas for a place to buy for the long term retirement plan.
We would be grateful for any ideas and advice that might be on offer.

Regards Tony
Hi Everyone,

My husband and I have been living in Singapore for the past 20 plus years. We have several more months to retirement and we are seriously thinking about living in Greece after that. We have visited the country several times, we love the place especially the islands! Right now we are checking the kinds of visas available that will allow us to be residents. Also looking at nice, safe areas to live.