Can I retire to Wales

I would like to move to Wales and retire there.  My estimated retirement income is US$2500 per month.
There is only me.  I hold both US and UK citizenship and travel on a UK passport.  Thus, as having right of residency should be able to register for NHS.  I not looking fancy and would prefer to be a bit more rural.  Areas looking at are around Swansea, Bangor and Wrexham.  My Welsh is not great but work at it and most people know English.  I am wondering if that is enough to live on there without touching retirement savings.

Thank you

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

You shouldn't have a problem; once you are resident (i.e. actually living here) then the NHS is available for you to use.  The NHS doesn't cover general Dental care, so you will need to make some provisions for this.

Details on costs can be seen on the Numbeo website; this link will take you straight to a costs comparison for Bangor & Swansea.  It currently only compares 2 sites at a time, but there is data there for Wrexham as well.  The data is generally about 6 months behind the curve, but your pension sounds sufficient to live in Wales.

Speaking some Welsh will help you to integrate should you choose to live in an area where they speak it.

I'd strongly recommend that you visit the areas you are considering moving to before you sell up and move.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team