How to make friends in Wales

We have been talking about loneliness when you are abroad, let's now talk about how to make friends (locals and other expats) when you're living in Wales :top:

Which are your best tips to meet people and to make friends in Wales??

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I would say, go to the local library and pick up a diary, search for activities you enjoy and get out there. Im not very good at making friends that way, I am a mother with no connections for babysitting. So, going out is not always a good option. I got invited out for coffee several weeks ago by a fellow mother and I was so happily shocked and accepted immediately... Coffee would be your best bet for making friends if youre like me and cant legally obtain a job yet....

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I just join the gym and attend the woman's workout classes.  I haven't made friends yet, but I join in their conversations. But I must say it is not very easy to make friends.

It's not easy to make friends no, I found it difficult when I first moved to Cardiff, then even more so when I moved to Leeds!

Now that I'm back in Cardiff I would like to meet more people, I do have some great friends, but it's always nice to make new ones!

Make an effort to learn the local culture and remember 'When In Rome...'! As an American, I would run into Starbucks, have a lattee on the go, meet a friend out for a drink or dinner in the evening, rush home. I have found in Wales that you have to slow down, or else the locals won't want to make the effort to befriend you. Going to gym classes and meeting people through my job have been great ways of meeting people.

Very important!!! Just don't say no to invitations...even if it is for another cup of tea or another piece of cake. And never, ever refuse a cup of tea or a drink if someone offers you one in their home or on their turf. It can come across as rude. Any visit to pick up mail, drop off some photos, walk the dog....any activity in Wales, in my opinion, will include at least 20 minutes of talking and drinking tea. So, don't expect to meet someone and run off, like I used to in the States. Although Americans don't find it rude, the Welsh will most likely find it very rude. You better allocate a good 20 minutes to that activity for tea-drinking.

So, let down your guard, remember you are not in the high-tech, super-fast, world of America, and make an effort to learn the Welsh way-of-life. You'll have friends in no time.

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