Loved Cardiff on our honeymoon. Thinking of immigration

As of half Welsh ancestry I took my wife and I on our honeymoon to London and Cardiff. Loved Cardiff but, looking back, regret not seeing more of the country.
In terms of living a good retirement on less money, the idea seems to be Portugal, Costa Rica and Asia. Wondering about cost of living in Wales, places to settle and possibility of post retirement income. Been a licensed clinical psychologist for 45 years in private practice, teaching and other positions.
Can a couple live anywhere inWales for about $3000 a month and are there employment or private opportunities available to supplement income?

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For living costs try  Also read through other posts here too for information.

As per anything else once you get more into the country, the less the cost of housing which is a major expense.   $3000 (presume US dollars) is only a bit over 2200 pound sterling at current exchange rate. For a single person, that is fine, for two, could be done, but things are going to be tight depending on what you want to do.   Have no idea about licensing requirements, but suggest contacting the Welsh NHS.  Pob lwc i chi!