medical unfit status

im facing medical unfit status in mom. already made a appeal to clear this issue but mom asking for recent reports from hospital but due to covid situations i can't visit singapore. anyone can suggest me what other things i can do or they will consider reports from here?

You posted a similar message before, but your story is so confusing that nobody can give clear advice.
- Why are you medically unfit for work?
- How do you want to clear this issue?
- Why do you need to visit Singapore to clear it? (Are there no hospitals or doctors in your country?)

sir i just want to confirm that if mom will consider my reports from my country hospitals,,bcoz they asking for recent reports for clearance

Get to a reputed medical facility, get the tests done (whatever is the issue/ you were deemed unfit for), get the reports and get them either stamped/ notarized and submit to MoM. You don’t have to come to Singapore, get a test and submit a report.

in other words if a person facing medical unfit status in MOM ,,whats solutions??

thanks for ur reply and i want to ask that if MOM will consider medical clearance from here?? i mean from home county or any recommendations

Asking the same question again and again, after already getting answers, will achieve what in particular?

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