Fibrosis scar in lungs

My dear friends,  I got selected last time for saudi in top mnc.  Unfortunately, I got rejected due to fibrosis scar seen in my xray.  Now,  I got another opportunity in Singapore.  Please tell this issue can affect Singapore visa?  Can I go Singapore?  Please tell the solution. Anyone from this sane issue?

Sir,  I have another doubt.  I never had tb.  But,  I dont know how my lung get scared.  I never smoke and drink. 

Last time I got rejected from saudi due to fibrosis scar in lungs.  Please tell that,  singapore Visa affect me?  Can I come Singapore?

Please inform the HR of your employer and let them find out if this could be hindrance during your pass approval process and what's the current process at employer's HR policy if any such issue came into pic during visa processing. Good luck

OK I will INFORM  to my HR. Let's see and thanks for your reply.

Hi! Any update? Did singapore accept you even with lung scar?

Can you please update on this please

I too had fibrosis scar in my upper left lungs and a cousin of mine due to tubercolosis. Ours are treated but unfortunately leaved a mark. My cousin is still working here in F&B while I used to work in Insurance also here in SG. The doctor will ask your previous Xray result and film to determine if there are changes or growth in your scar.

Please be honest in your past medical history.....

I had a friend, got rejected because of this.

Did you have another opinion?

Hi Can I ask,
Is lung scar issue in singapore?
I was deported in UAE because of this issue and I am planning to go to singapore by Last quarter of 2020. Can someone please share experience regarding Past tb scars?

For visiting purposes should be okay. But, for safer side, drop a mail to ICA to get an email confirmation prior to your visit. Good luck

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How about finding some work?

You have to pass a medical check and be certified fit for work, in order to get a Singapore work pass.
If yours is just a scar, and not an active infection, thgis should be o.k. But it is better to bring a declaration by the treating doctors, showing that you are cured.

Thank you, beppi.
Is this the law or did you know someone who has tb before, got cured and was able to pass the singapore visa? Thanks and sorry for too much questions

There were some such cases posted on this forum in the past - use the search function (on top right of the webpage) to find them!

@sivaramakrishnan are you accepted for the job in singapore?

@yayansky18 This is an old thread and the user you refer to, Sivaramakrishnan, last posted five years ago. I thus think it is unlikely that you will get a reply!