can i apply spass with latent (inactive) TB?

i had latent TB  before 1year 8 months .now i dnt have TB. if i apply spass is their problem with latent(inactive) TB ? i worked in Singapore on training work permit that time i took tb treatment and i went India after my visa i got job they applying spass. is their any problem with my application with TB problem. pls help me guys. i love to work in Singapore.. anyone expert give me proper answer .🙁

There was a discussion about this topic on the forum recently. Did you read it?
In any case, lung X-ray for TB scars is part of the medical check before a work pass is issued - and I assume they will see yours. Then you should have written proof (from your current and/or former doctors) that you are cured and not infectious any longer. They should also mention that you are fit for work.

thank u so much sir . .

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