Singapore & Syphilis


I've been offered a new job in Singapore!
I'm currently working in the Malaysia.

I had my past and had been diagnosed with Syphilis which i got it treated immediately. Three jab in the ass. Ever since then, my VDRL is Reactive with 1:1 dilution. My doctorS (i consulted numerous) did mentioned that most of my result will remained positive. Occasionally, my VDRL is non-reactive (I went for a few clinics). They assured that i have been cured from syphilis as my result is constant low Reactive.

But my concern is that I will be required to undertake a medical once I arrive in Singapore and the blood tests will show as a positive result? Will I loose my opportunity to work there and have my Employment Pass failed?

Kindly advice.

I would suggest to get a letter from the doctor that you are fit to work.

We are not into medical profession, so it’s hard for me to tell if there will be an issue here. But, showing a medical fit certificate from Malaysian specialist doctor would help you to go through the test. Good luck

Thanks for your advice

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