Living in Italy and Driving own car from UK - legal? Safe?


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So if I take my own car which is 2.0L diesel convertible and drive it for the first 12 months is that allowed?

I ask as I believe there is normally a restriction on the size of car you can drive.

Also it’s a right hand drive so I’m wondering if that will be safe both in Italy itself? and is it safe to  drive all the way from UK to Milan/ Como?

Also I’d there a route that avoids those treacherous mountain roads?


ASsuming you will be resident, which you will have to be if you stay more than 90 days - then you must convert your car to Italian plates within 6 months.    Obviously you will have to contend with all the Brexit stuff -- so Italian driving test, licence etc etc.

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You would also need to check that your UK insurance covers you once you are no longer resident in the UK.  A quick call to your insurer will clarify that for you.

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Thanks- any idea if the engine size is ok?

Ok thank you - do you know if the engine size is ok ?

Hi, since you are coming to Milano, more than the size of the engine what really matters is the fuel. Diesel Vehicles classified as Euro 0, 1, 2 3, are not allow to enter to Milano. You can get a ticket.


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