Huzzah!!! D7 approved for the family from the San Francisco consulate

Hiya all!

Amazing news!  We received our passports with the D7 visas - for myself, my husband and our son.  Very exciting.  The process took 5 full weeks from interview to FedEx delivery.  We leave for Portugal on the 6th of July!  Super excited to begin this journey.  Now to find some housing.  We are looking in the Algarve (hopefully in the Lagos region).  Fingers crossed!  Thank you to all who have chimed in and offered support along the way.  Invaluable! 

FYI - They did permit our visa with the appropriate sponsorship letters (no lease or owned property).


Hi Michael,

You're welcome.

Thank you so much for your feedback. Your input is very helpful for those who have questions regarding the D7 visa & consulate interview.

Please keep us informed about your next steps in Portugal.

All the best :)

Congratulations and hope you are having a great time in Portugal! I wanted to ask about bringing your spouse, do you submit 2 NIFs and bank accounts, or just one? I am preparing the documents for my husband and me, but not quite sure.

Thank you!

Hello Michae, congratulations on your and your family's visa. and hope you'll have great time there.
In 2022 i am planning as well to move to Portugal. Can you please guide me to the D7 visa process. would really appreciate.
Thank you!

@Michae Lewis hi Michae, we are interested in D7 and we are living in the Bay too. So, what's the interview about in SF consulate, they will contact the applicant after apply the visa for the interview? And if so, how long are that be after apply. Thanks 

Hi, I applied for the D7 through San Francisco last year and have been living in Lisbon since August 2021. There is no interview for the D7 Visa at VFS. The only “interview” is at SEF to get your residency card, but in actuality it isn't an interview at all. You just submit documents similar to the ones you did at VFS and they take your picture (some SEF offices don't have a camera, so check if the location you are assigned to requires you to bring a photo or not). 

If you choose to apply for permanent residency after 5 years or a Portuguese passport after 6, I believe there is an interview at that time along with a language test.

Not everything is consistent regarding paperwork in Portugal, but I had my SEF appt at the Agualva Cacém office in the Lisbon region fir my temporary residency card and there was no interview at all (at least for me). 

Hope this helps!

@pinkiethebear thank you so much.

@Michae Lewis 
I am glad everything went well for you and your family. I want to get some information about the paperwork you had to provide from your host. Did you only have to provide the TOR         (Termo de Responsabilidade) form or did you need additional information from your host? My husband and I have been invited to stay with friends as our accommodation. However, I am not sure what the length of stay should our friend stipulate on the TOR form and if additional information is requested from the VFS. Thank you! 
Congratulations. What kind of sponsorship did you offer instead of a lease on an apartment?

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