Edinburgh, here I come! Maybe...?

Hi everyone!

Like so many in this forum, I am currently living in the U.S. and wanting to make the move to Edinburgh, but finding it difficult to find employment & housing.   I currently work as a government contractor and am getting my master's degree in counseling.  Any recommendations?

Also, I'd love to hear from anyone who relocated with a pet, as I will be taking my 6-yr old dog with me when I move.


Hi Monchi!

Welcome to Expat.com.:)

I hope that other members will soon share their experiences with you.

All the best,

Edinburgh is pretty cliquey when it comes to getting work. Very much who you know. And different groups tend to work in different areas. Like banking for instance - a fair few Americans and plenty of English working in that particular sector. A lot of Polish people working in both the construction and hospitality industries. And also as car mechanics. If you have a work permit, you might be able to get work in social work, with the local council. Though these days local government throughout Britain is getting smaller. They contract out a lot of stuff these days. You could maybe check out the prison service. They employ counsellors from time to time.

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