Can dependent pass holders work in Malaysia?

Hi All,

I understand that its a known fact about dependent pass holders not allowed to work in Malaysia, did anybody manage to find employment while you are in DP?
I have been trying for employment a while now, but I find it difficult to get one especially when I am looking for opportunities at the Junior or mid-level. I manage to crack few jobs for small companies or startups but then they cannot hire because not all of them can sponsor for conversion of DP to EP.

What's your thought in this? Thank you.

Hi dear, unfortunately DP can't work and the only way is really to secure a job with an employer that is willing to sponsor the EP...Or if the EP holder (spouse) applies for RPT pass, then the spouse can work!

Hi Cheryllau, Thank you for the advice.. with current pandemic, its difficult to find employer willing to sponsor EP (for beginner/or junior position). Can help me to understand more on the process or criteria for RPT pass?

If an expat in Malayasia need to visit Singapore does he require exit and return permission?Anyone  Please confirm.

Yes am also trying for job but same problem please suggest me @shahnazarabi