Applying for social security, Carte Vitale, etc

As an expat in France, what is the order of for applying for the following - do I have it right?
Apply for SSN (aka NIR)
Get S1 form(??)
Apply for Carte Vitale
Receive temporary NIR
Receive permanent NIR
Register with Family doctor
Apply for CNI & SPI
Carte Vitale issued

Thank you!

Hi Gekritzl,

I was a student back then so the formalities were perhaps different.....what stage are you at ? Already contacted the CPAM ?

It takes courage to surf the hectic administrative french waves  :D but i have no doubt you will manage.

All the very best,

An answer summarizing your questions is no. Unless you are an employee of a French company or if you are opening a company in France.

However, you can ask for PUMA help
https://www.complementaire-sante-solida … e_puma.php

No, I'm still in the US and eventually when the pandemic is over and I'm in France I want to know the order in which I must apply for these things -
Apply for SSN (aka NIR)
Get S1 form (?)
Apply for Carte Vitale
Register with Family doctor
Apply for CNI & SPI

Thank you!

Ok, in that case, have a look on this official website

Thanks! In all my searching I've never come across - I'll check it out.

Thank you - that was almost entirely for workers, it wasn't much help. I'm retired and when I move to France, after I've been there 3 months  I'll need to apply for a social security number and a Carte Vitale, and get into the health system. I believe the order to do that is: Apply for SSN, Apply for Carte Vitale, Receive temporary NIR, then permanent NIR, Register with Family doctor, Apply for CNI & SPI, then eventually receive my Carte Vitale.

As a student, uni did most of the formalities for me. I had to get my titre de séjour, SSN before the carte vitale (as i needed my social security number to apply for carte vitale).

Have a look here, might be of some help … le-france/

Thanks for all your help! … etire.html

Thanks, that's no help either. I'm not looking for help with a pension, but with applying for a social security number, PUMA and a Carte Vitale, CNI & SPI .

PUMA is given without difficulties to anyone. Then when all residence visa will be granted, you will receive automatically the rest.

You're searching difficulties where they aren't...

But I still have to apply for it at - right? I mean they won't automatically grant me a social security number, Carte Vitale, attestation de couverture sociale, etc?

In fact, all legal residents of France have the right to apply for PUMa health coverage and receive a Carte Vitale. You say you are in the US, but you will be applying for an S1, which is a European portable document, giving reciprocal healthcare rights. Are you British or other European? As soon as you have your French address and travel dates, you can apply for your S1 to be sent to your Fr address.
With  this, you can apply directly to your local CPAM for your Carte Vitale, and your SS no will be attributed as part of this process. You do not apply for the SS no first nor separately from the CV application. If you don't have the right to an S1, you need to wait 3 months before applying to PUMa, as that classes you as a stable resident. Do let me know if you need any help as that is what I do! I've done hundreds of these over the last 6 years. You can email me at ***  If not, wishing you luck in your move and with your French admin procedures!
Nicole :)

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Thanks, Nicole!

I am having a hard time finding out what an S1 form is, actually. It seems it's for UK or EEA retirees?

My situation is that I'm a US citizen, retired and receiving monthly Social Security benefits from the US. Based on what I've learned and what you wrote, it seems that I just need to apply for my Carte Vitale at my local CPAM, and they'll also issue me a social security number? 

So regarding the "S1", it is not applicable to my situation, right?

Do I need to apply for a CNI (carte nationale d’identité) too?

Also it seems that I need to register with a family doctor before applying for my Carte Vitale, so I can give them a  declaration de medecin traitant when I apply?

Oh - your message says "You can email me at *** " - I guess removes email addresses...?

Thanks again,

Hi Michael

Yes, sorry to everyone for putting my email etc! Thought I was helping!

So yes, only EU citizens can apply for an S1. You don't need a GP before applying for a CV. In fact, if you send the Choix de Médecin form off too early, as it's processed by a different dept in CPAM, that dept is often quicker, and so can't tie you up with an account as the main dept hasn't created it yet! Your reimbursements should be back-dated to the date on your S1106 application form. Once you're logged in the system, you can send in your GP form. You'll get a temp SS no, then a perm one. All this can take several months, so be patient! Being a French administrative assistance coordinator for the last 6 years, I know the system well! Best of luck, Nicole

Thanks so much for all the great info! I think I have a pretty good handle on it now. And thanks for offering your email address even though expat dot com censored it. I'd still love to have it - could you post it for me in that format - like gmail AT whatever DOT com ?


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