Singapore Citizenship Rejected, Appeal or Reapply ?

Hi All please advice ,

1) I came Singapore in 2006 and 2007 I Started Studying Primary 4(Govt School) and continue my Secondary in express stream.

2) I completed My Diploma at Local Polytechnic, Mechatronics Engineer in 2017 after that I went On to do My National service at SCDF as medic in Fire station.. we respond to 995 calls. I have recieved perfect Attendance Award during my NS( Never took any MC in whole 2 years of NS) .Overall Conduct and performence was given Outstanding in NS. RANK: SGT.

3) After Completed My NS I went on to Work for MNC, as a SeniorTech in Facility department.Essiential worker worked in COVID19 . Iam reciving average Gross montly salary of $3500 for my Last 6 month, Dec to May.

4) I applied for Citizenship in aug/2019 Iam really Disappointed to hear that I got my Citizenship rejected last month. My reservist starting next month 18days
Iam 26 this year. I came SG when I was 12.
Iam really attached Singapore.  Not easy to cope with this rejection (stressful) ..

Thank You.Please Advice.


You can appeal now and re-apply later - it is advisable to wait at least six months before applying again.

@QirahT  Did you submit your ORD documents after you finished NS?

Ofcourse . I Applied after ORD. SO i submited all the documents