Moving to the Dominican

Hey guys! I have a few questions that I can’t fully figure out. My husband is Dominican, born and raised. 5 years ago he got his American citizenship. I am American. We now are considering moving to be with his family in the DR. Will it be hard for him to regain Dominican residency? We plan on building a house, but not in the amount of the 200k, we don’t have a pension, but I do make money online ($1,500-$2,500 per month it varies), what route for residencia would be qualify for? We have money in savings, and will sell our home before we move, his family will help us build our house, which would be completed before we move. Any help will be so much appreciated!

Welcome to the forums. Your husband is Dominican,  he doesn't need citizenship he already has it.  Simple.

You can get residency, then later citizenship via  family reunification.  You are one of the easiest to actually do.  Go read the thread on residency as your part is covered there.  His is not.  For him,  does he still have his Dominican passport and Cedula or did he let them lapse?

You do not need an income to qualify but it always helps.

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