Hi there, ex-pats


Just a quick hello as I am new to the forum. I hope to make some positive friendships here.

Been in Spain donkey's years, that equates to meeting nice people, working, and living through ups and downs and some very bitter experiences, as many will know who live here.

I like my cats, nature, electronics, a bit of gardening, current affairs, reading.

Look forward to meeting you.

Hello DanielSala,

Welcome to Expat.com :)

Thank you for introducing yourself and being willing to share your experience with us. I hope it was still enriching for you, however of a mixed bag your life as an expat in Spain may have been.

Feel free to participate on the Spain forum on threads recently created or you may start one yourself.

I'm sure you'll have lots to share, having been an expat for quite a while  :idontagree:

Hoping to read more of your posts soon  ;)

Stay safe & take care,

Team Expat.com

Hi Diksha,

Thanks, nice to meet you. Hope so, too.

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