CR-1 Visa Approval, CEAC Application


Thought this might be helpful to others who want their wives to get US Visas.

We applied to USCIS for a CR-1 Visa back in December, about a week after we got married.  I just got an email of approval, so now another process begins.

I paid the fees, and am waiting for the payment to process, then I can file the forms.

From what I have read, they are 3 months behind processing applications, so it will probably be August or September before we can be scheduled to the Manila Embassy interview.

Maybe CV19 will be in the rear view window by then.

Should be easier to get to Manila by then.  Good luck!

mugtech :

Should be easier to get to Manila by then.  Good luck!

I have a couple of questions filling out the DS-260 form.  I have been in Philippines since June 2019, and still have my house in Virginia. Should I use my US address or my address here in the Philippines?

Also, it asked which address to mail the Green Card. We will not need it prior to arriving in the US, right?

With no mail in Philippines, not sure what to do.

PS: The IRS required that I send my wife's passport with my 1040 so they could issue her a tax ID number.  They also said they would return it, which has not happened.  Sent it out March 2, and since then the post offices here have shut down.  Should we go have a replacement passport issued or wait a little longer?

Be prepared for denial at interview!

According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), around 90 percent of fiancé visas were approved in 2016. In 2017, when President Donald Trump took office, the percentage of approved fiancé visas dropped to around 66 percent.

Also in 2020 He instructed immigration to follow his desire to work towards zero immigration!

looks like you've already done that part! Since applied from Philippines! You will have your answer at end of 15 minute interview that will last only 5 minutes! 1st time is hardest!

as far as address you need to put your current address and at bottom area it asks for any other places you lived in last 15 years and put your Virginia address there!

I decided to use my Virginia address for myself, since I had planned to return to the US once her Visa was approved.  My Social Security disability income exceeds the guidelines, but is not taxable, so I used that number as my income.  I also sent copies of bank statements and a statement from my brokerage firm.

Right NBI clearance is an issue since the local office is shut down due to CV19.  Hopefully they will reopen soon.  As well as the office who can reissue her passport.

It's a good idea to be factual in everything you do and say with US immigration. Don't give them a chance to bounce you.
Avoid, at all costs, using the Philippine postal system. My dead or alive letter gets screwed up almost every year because of Philpost.

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