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Hello, my name is Manthar, I'm certified Trainer Public Speaker and consultant, I'm planning to move peru, in Pakistan no Peruvian embassy and I have tired to call Indian dubia and Qatar Turkey Thailand Peruvian embassy they are only processing there national and permitted residents people's, i have one friend there, if she come Pakistan, get marriage with me, then she travel along with marriage certificate and other documents apply for my visa as husband in Peru it's possible or it will work, please someone guide me,

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Manthar Ali

Dear Manthar Ali,

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You, sir, clearly are an optimist.

Consider having the wedding first before making specific overseas plans.

Anything else that is planned now is bound to be subject to New Rules .. or an extension of the border closings and quarantines that Peru has already imposed and extended to block incoming foreign travelers. 

If you eventually make it to Peru, you will likely be hampered further by the need for improved language skills .. and the extreme difficulty of finding employment if one is not a doctor/health care professional who can communicate effectively with administrators, co-workers and patients.


Although Peru may not have an Embassy in your country.  It will have an Embassy, which your country is within the territorial boundaries of the Embassy.  That embassy, will process the visa for you.

Once I had a Girl Friend who was Fijian.  I wanted to meet her in Mexico.  A visa was required.  Solution, application was made and processed, at a Mexican Consulate in Sydney Australia.  A small country might not have an embassy in Canada, but it's Embassy in Washington DC would cover Canada as well.

Your first question to the Embassy you call should be: “does your Embassy have Pakistan, as part of the territory it covers”. If not, which one does?
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