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I hope you're all doing well. Just passing by to check whether you've heard of the new immigration policy in the UK. I'll leave the link to the article here: What the new UK immigration policy means for expats?. This would probably be of interest to anyone planning to settle in the UK.

Any thoughts?

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The UK has a massive problem with illegal immigrants and all but free entry into the UK for many unskilled EU nationals, this attempting to solve the many issues caused by low skilled workers entering the UK job market.
The only fixed items are the job, the offer, and the language requirement, those giving you 50 of the required 70 points.

Of course this only works if immigration law is tightened up to stop illegal workers and have them immediately deported to their home country.

Regardless of your political bent, this is clearly designed to create employment opportunities for the UK population, the UK government's first obligation as far as the labour market goes.

A post on this matter is already a sticky post on the forum.

The problem the UK has is that when the rest of the EU decided to do something the UK not to do anything.

Germany etc...

You can live in the countries for 3 months, but if you wish to stay longer you have to give proof that you have enough funds to live in the country and have health insurance. Basically you will not be a burden to the state. The Home Secretary making it out now the UK has left the EU has control of who enters the country is quite untrue.

It all goes back to the reluctance of the UK to introduce some kind of civic registration system (like much of the rest of the EU really - Ireland doesn't do it either).

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