Regaining Dutch citizenship, Option Procedure

Hi I am a former Dutch citizen have been living in England since 1989. I got married to a non British lady and acquired British citizenship in 2010. I went to the Dutch Embassy in 2011 to renew my Dutch passport but was told I lost my Dutch citizenship as voluntarily acquired British nationality while being married to a non British lady. I have discovered that it maybe possible to regain my Dutch citizenship via the Option Procedure but getting conflicting information. The Dutch representation states  if I can prove that I have CURRENT links to the EU such as being enrolled in a school/ university of having commercial links etc the I can regain it but two solicitors firms are saying that such links have to be at the time of the loss of the Dutch citizenship which is 2010 in my case. Anyone with similar experience who can help?

see below a copy from the official Dutch page … -procedure

“I have lost my Dutch nationality and want to regain it so that I can keep my rights as an EU citizen

Conditions for applying via the option procedure

You have lost your Dutch nationality

You are not a national of another EU country

You can show that you have links with the EU”