What areas of dakar are good to live???

.Please can anyone place these place from good to not so good: Keur  Pikine, Mermoz, Thies ..got these names form the homes for sale pages. thank you

Hi PapaAko. It really depends on what you are looking for, where you going to work and your budget. Road traffic might be really intense here, especially during the rain season, so believe me you do not want to live too far from your workplace.

For me best areas are Point E, Fann Residence, Fenetre Mermoz, Mamelles - there are lots of expatriates, and you are pretty close to everything you might need. You are close to Ngor and Almadies (probably second best options with lots of expatriates living there, restaurants, night clubs, etc) and you are not from Plateau (good and calm administrative district, ministries, banks, offices, lots of expatriates, but no so many things to do). These are also the most expensive areas in terms of the cost.

Yoff, Virage are a bit cheaper but also good. Anything that is close to the ocean is going to deteriorate really fast (especially Virage), so be ready to change your split systems, metal furniture etc every 3-5 years.

Other districts do not gave that much of expatriate presence but are cheaper as well - Colobane, HLM, Medina etc. The level of security decreases as well.

Keur Massar, Thies, Pikine are pretty far from the center and provide affordable prices, the density of population is very high, and these are mostly for the locals. If you choose among those I would look at Thies. Pikine is not really the most secure area.

If you have more questions do not hesitate to ask.***

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Great thorough reply, especially the information about living near the water.

Thank you, MyAfric. . One more question, supposing one wants t buy a house, and has the funds necessary. How long will it normally take for the paper work to be completed so he can move in?

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