Immigration permit

Hi guys,
I want to ask some information about moving to sweden,

I m not EU/EEA citizen but i live in Norway with my norwegian wife,
Why i live in norway because we have sending renufication family in UDI <—-norwegian immegration office.
So i m in waiting time , that means i m legally living in Norway, but we want to move in sweden we think its place for us to have good life work and study.
I knew its easy for her to go to Sweden since she is EEA member, also she can apply reunification family from immegration in sweden to get me in sweden.

so my question is, how can i go to sweden, since i dont have permit card and also not visa entry?
I read that i can just cross border , i want to make it legally so i called Swedish embassy in Oslo, they said  we don’t handle this kind of Visa!!! So i have to call immegration of sweden , so i did call them but, she didnt give what i want, only she said the main rule is that you have to wait till you get your PR, butshe didnt mention Visa entry which is right for any one to get for free to join their partners in sweden .

Any suggestion gys 😅😅

Thank you 😊

Hello Saidelmo and welcome to :)

you can have a bunch of information about moving to Sweden by reading our Guide on the matter.

If you're not a Nordic/EU national, you might want to have a look at our article General visa requirements for Sweden, we have a whole paragraph about "For third-country nationals" :)

Wishing you a lovely day.



Thank you for that :) , but my case it’s little bite different, hope i get some1 has same experience or know more about my case

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