Maternity chargers

Hello everyone,
How much does it cost to have a baby in Norway with no complications during pregnancy if am here on visit visa.


Since the health care in Norway is free for it's inhabitants there is no any price list for such a case. But if you happened to be in Norway and you are in a condition that you can't fly back to Kenya according to doctors and circumstances then you will be able to deliver in Norway for a cost of between 50000 NOK to 250000 NOK.

If you wonder why such a difference, because during the delivery process they will be ready for everything so they can't tell you a price before the delivery. You can read som information from the link below by yourself and maybe contact them and get first hand information. Cheers! … rnity-care

Thanks finnbo for your reply

But can i get like an insurance cover in Norway that can cover for that because i can't come with an insurance that am not sure if its accepted or not

Nearest insurance policy which matches your idea covers only certain special treatments which possibly will be needed (if such ever will be needed), since the normal delivery and many other treatments that related to it are free of charge. So such an insurance policy that you are hoping for does not exist here in Scandinavia unfortunately.

And normally it is not allowed to fly for a pregnant woman 2 months before the due date and until the newborn baby will be minimum 3 months old, that's a rule around the world.

Thank you so much for taking your time to help ,i do appreciate that

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