Are you homeschooling your kid(s)?

Hi all,

I've recently moved my family from UK to BKK.
I have one kid in a primary school age, and one in a secondary school age.
Am currently homeschooling both of them.
I'm wondering who else is in a similar situation, and whether would want to get in touch, or meet up?

We're based in BKK.

Many thanks,

My kids are in local schools, and we barely meet my wife's family or other people I know here.  All the same I'll answer a different but related question, of options for meeting other kids, for activities where your kids could make some social connections.  Of course as with anyone living here Thai language use will be an issue, which I'll address.

sports (ice skating, roller blading, swimming):  these are some of the last sports my kids have been active in, taking lessons in all three from outside school scope (two of the three) over the past year.  Ice skating was last; they spent about two months taking lessons through the rink at Central World.  Cost wasn't so bad for that, but language could be an issue; I'm not sure how well that would go if the kids didn't speak Thai.  It would probably still work out.  Roller blading would be fine through that organization that trained our kids, but it was managed through the school, so the same group probably wouldn't do an open public lesson.  They took swimming lessons at a local university near our house; again that would go better in Thai. 

A soccer school (football, to everyone but Americans) is probably more appropriate.  I don't remember why but we considered that and passed on it.

play areas:  the catch here is that no one would go there often enough for this to extend to a social tie, no matter the theme.  There is a science oriented learning center in Chamchuri Square; something like that might work too.  It's probably set up to be accessible to foreign (non-Thai speaking) kids, even though it's mostly not for them.

Thai language study:  I'm brainstorming this time; I've never heard of any such options.  It wouldn't seem socially oriented if it did come up, but it's worth considering if you are here long enough term to get them an in with local culture.   Really any sort of lessons would serve a minimal social-contact role, like my son taking piano, or studying Mandarin (right, they're busy).  The two places he goes wouldn't work well for someone using only English but options for those things would probably be diverse, just costlier for foreigner-oriented versions.

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