Currently exploring expanding my biz to Cambodia

hi All,

Happy New Year! I am a newbie here and currently exploring expanding my biz to Cambodia. I was there end last year which was my first trip and met few ppl who suggested some opportunities that I can explore in Cambodia. I run a Data Centre Outsourcing Biz specialising in IT outsourcing which is helping companies handle all IT related services, setup, installation, commissioning. In a layman term, companies no longer need to buy and hire IT managers/team to handle the IT  function themselves but instead engage my company services and we can help plan, architect, setup, commission and implement the IT with 24x7 support for companies.

As an extension of my IT services, my company also cover e-commerce biz as I am current hosting many e-commerce sites for my clients and myself selling local products to international marketplaces. We can help in product sourcing with inspection services from China to Cambodia too as well as helping Cambodia sell local products elsewhere too.

I have been in IT since day one and my background was with Pricewaterhouse, IBM, Microsoft and have a team who can run banking projects too.

I am open to ideas and suggestions from those who have started in Cambodia.

Thank you.

good biz idea!  Not sure what kind of biz partners you are seeking, but I would suggest you proceed with 100% ownership.  Just need to hire the right personnel locally.


Have been volunteering in my free time.

Just in case you're looking for partners, please let me know. I've done my masters in management from Singapore & currently seeking a career change. May be we can connect on hangouts..

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