Can I move to Turkey before I get the job?

Hello, I'm Desi from Indonesia and I'm new here. Currently, I am working as a Secretary to President Director for one of Mining Service Company in Indonesia.

I'm planning to move and work in Turkey. I would like to know, can I start living there even before I get the job in Turkey? Because from the websites that I visited, the interview mostly will be done live there. Meaning, its face-to-face interview. I was wondering how will I proceed to the interview if I'm not living in Turkey?

Can anyone help me? I'm looking forward to hearing the advice from Indonesian who lives in Turkey or any expat who lives in Turkey.

Thank you and have a good day everyone!

As a Turkish, i dont suggest you to come here. Because out economy is in deep crises. For Indonesian girls, just there are some massage threrapist jobs in here but also they arent living in good conditions.

I don't suggest you to come because there is a big crisis and very high unemployment rate .Even turkish citizen are looking jobs outside Turkey.

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