Any advice or facts I should know before moving to Panama

Hello everyone,  I am considering moving to Panama next year. I am a single American male. I expect to work while there as a English Teacher. Is there any advice or facts I should know

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Moving to a new country comes with its load of adjustments.  You did the right thing by asking for advice.

We had launched a thread back then and to this day, the thread is still informative. May i suggest that you have a look at it ?

- What to expect when moving to Panama

If you have any query, feel free to post them here.


You might want to look into possibilities for working on the internet. If you work (and get paid) in Panama, you need residency and a work permit. Jobs aren't always that easy to find, and Panama limits the number of foreigners who can work at any company. Many people from their own business. Maybe get your own private students? I'd definitely come with enough money to support yourself for a while until you get things going here. If you are on Facebook, look for the group Expats I Panama where this has been discussed by others who know a lot more than I.

You should visit the country first and talk to people in person.  Lots of stories promoting the place; not so many stories from the people who realized that they made a mistake and moved home/elsewhere.

Americans can visit for up to 6 months on the visa waiver program.

Panama is a difficult place for a foreigner to survive without a strong network of contacts and lots of people will tell you anything to get their money.  It's not like moving to Florida.

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