MOE Science TTP Interview and written test

Hi all
I have an interview very soon for the Science TTP in Abu Dhabi. It would be huge help if someone has had previous experience with the interview. Any tips would help. Also what were the MCQ's like. Is it High school level or college? Thanks for the help

which subject


also attending science ttp on 25th

Yes you are on the group :)

I have Biology TTP interview soon,
Can anyone give me some tips about the MCQs and the interview itself, please ?


Hi I have a physics TTP next week. Any advice would be welcome, especially with regards to the level of questions in test (GCSE or A level?) and whether the test is only on the chosen subject or all sciences. Good luck to everyone who is interviewing soon.

Hai  Yvnb1,

Did you apply directly or through Agency ?

Are they still processing applications under direct MOE website submission ?

Hi VIJ89 I applied through an agency in UK.

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