Renovation project in Sosua.

I am looking for recommendations for a good contractor in Sosua to carry out renovation project. I have heard that some disaster stories that I wish to avoid.

Personally I believe the best approach to build or indeed remodel in DR is to use a 'maestro' - master builder who often works on a labour only basis and then you, the Client, purchase the materials. A 'maestro' should be certified by MOPC to use that title but that will not happen in most cases I suspect.

I was involved with a large hotel refurbishment project just outside Sosua which stalled due to Client joint venture issues, and worked alongside several good time served 'maestros' who worked with the contractor from the North Coast however I have lost their contact details. But I do have the contact details of some of the contractors staff who may be able to help you locating the maestros and could PM if needed.

And you need someone there daily to make sure the work is being done right and your materials are not walking away!

Stan, we just partnered up with a gentleman who may be exactly what you're looking for.  Strong reputation in town, and stands behind what he sells and offers.  PM me, if you're interested.

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