I live in Zender most of the year.

I travel though out Africa as a paid mercenary,Zender is my home base. Just returned from Bukina faso on small job for Govnmt.
Usually i am in the middle east providing my services.
If i live though another  year of this life then i plan on selling my property here and mocing back to the states, i have erned enough money to purchase any thing i might want or need for the rst of my life.For you wanna be mercenaries and snipers out there, stop and think this is ten times worse than the military. This is no job for the faint hearted.

I will use this blog to try and keep a record of my activities for the next yea. I have a small hand held computerassigned to me from a Government, (the latest technology. I can pick up any satillite any where in the world istantly and send a messae to my handlers. It has tracking device where my location is known no matter where i travel.
If anyone desires photo's of my experiences i have a camera built into my head cover which transmits pictures to my computer ;which in turn i can send to my handlers to prove that i took out the target in order to be paid for my services.

I will be leaving Zender for parts i can not devulge at this time, only after i am safely back in Zender can i tell where i been.

I receive quite a few requests from would be mercenaries as to how they can crack into this business. The person who i went though five years ago,i think is still in business. His email address at the time was [email protected] I do not know if that is an active email or not now. If i receive an update from someone i will post it.

In country where i plan to send terrorist to meet his Allah.
Goin to be a very difficult target. Outdoor speech to be given by target,hot day with temp. reaching 107 degrees F.
Highest building in town is five stories. Army on that building roof tops.Going to use german made sniper rifle with silencer,best rifle in the world for close targets.
I am set up in third floor window and army is in 2nd and 4th floor.My handler has men working to construct a false wall where after i hit target i can crawl into, it is stocked with h2o and food for three days.
Thank God the people in this part of the world are scared craplees of dogs (Chelabs)or i would be found in five minutes.
I have a funny feeling about this hit i have never felt before. The men have drapped a large flag of the country over the window with a small hole for my sight, i will shoot though the flag. In Vietnam i used to use this trick all the time. i have only missed my target once; and that was because the wind moved the flag and covered my sights.

allais kasmie a wanted leader of the network has  met Allah,I escaped but waiting on military helo to get me the hech out of here. Close call

I have to my credit number 19 of tearrorist leaders who i sent to meet Allah and collect their seven virgins, I have always wondered if Allah is giving the fools virgin camels; or goats to live in paradize with.

hello i was told to contact you threw this forum by sharia for training please reply when you have the oppertunity

been in hospital for two monts, received a wound which was not to my liking. Readfy to get back into field. Lost all my equipment on last operation when i was wounded by camel riding tourag. Saved by sheep herder who i paid a thousand dinar to haul me twenty kilometers to hospital in bouncing cart.. ($100.00)

Very entertaining story sir.