Is there any one who could give me an Idea of Agadez Life and working!
I am getting an offer to work in Agadez

I assume the work would be related to relief activities?

I've never lived in Agadez and have only visited it once 6 years ago--so I'm not the best person to respond, but in case no one else does, I'll offer you a few thoughts?

For about 3-4 years now, Agadez has been mostly a "no-go" area for Westerners due to Tuareg rebel acvitity in the north of Niger.  The biggest threat is being robbed of your vehicle or of being taken as a hostage.  Several Westerners and even some Africans working for foreign firms have been taken hostage in the past few years.

Therefore, you should only go to Agadez if you are certain that you will be personally protected while you are there.  I believe this would mean having an armed security detail close by at all times.

I hope someone else has better information than me, but Americans are advised to not even try to go there.

It's great and very useful information. I am suppose to work for a food company operating either in Niamey/Agadez (so far I am not sure)
Thank you very much...
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