Store/Shope for Indian food/Grocery Items

1. Is there any shop or market in Niamey or Agadez where Indian food Items / Grocery Items are available?
2. Is there's restaurant in Niamey or Agadez for Lebanese, Indian, Italian, Mexican Food?

There's no grocery store in Niger that specializes in Indian food.  However, in Niamey there are several Lebanese grocery stores that may have what you need.

You'll find the shopping in Agadez to be limited and expensive.  To my knowledge, there's nothing bigger than a "shop" in Agadez (i.e. no larger grocery stores).  You may find some North African food items--particularly from Algeria--but Western food items will be less and almost double the Niamey price.

There are Italian and Lebanese restaurants in Niamey, but I don't think there are any Indian ones.  I can't provide you with any info on restaurants in Agadez.  I know some of the hotels have some, but there are so few tourists these days who knows what is still operating.

Thanks a millions Sir...
I appreciate your advice...



There was a Lebanese owned restaurant in Niamey called Amandene or something like that.

Been told that it has since closed but this is unconfirmed.  However, there was a Chinese restaurant close by in Niamey.

As to getting Indian food or grocery items in Niamey or Agadez, I have no idea.

I've heard that the Al Qaeda network operates in Niger - so much so that my African colleague refused to travel to Tahoua on work with me.