Doing business in Niger


are foreign investors welcome in Niger?

Is it complicated to register a company in Niger? What is the procedure?

What is the corporate tax rate in Niger?

Is it easy to recruit?

Any advice you would share with us?

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it is not difficult to work in Niger
Registration can be done within 2 weeks.


Thanks for the tips Harishv!;)


Hi all,
Im in salary negociation with my future employer in Niger, and I would like to have few information re
- Accomodation
-Life cost

Can anyone provide or share his experience on this topic?

Thank you very much

Foreign investors are welcome in Niger.
Company registration is easy, you need a sollicitor, not a lawyer, 1500€ and a couple of hours. The whole process takes 2 weeks, as Harishv said.
Note that Niger is part of OHADA agreement, thus business laws are more or less the same as in Ivory Coast, Senegal etc... Only a little less efficient.
About recruitment... Niger is a cool country, people are nice, halas most of them are illiterate. A lot of internal training/skills acquisition is required. Unemployment is endemic, expect hundreds of CV's if you put an ad in local newspapers. (I personnally beat the record with more than 5000 CV for 75 positions... Had to retain a HR consulting firm to process them all)

The biggest problem when it comes to business in Niger is that the country is landlocked, thus everything is to be imported, mainly from Ivory Coast, Benin, Togo and Nigeria.

Should anybody need more advices => MP me!

hello Julien!

you live at Mauritius (grand baie)as I see,I lived two yeaes in mauritius, and I can tell that it is easier to start business in Mauritius than in Niger (my country) due to the lack of an entrepreneurial culture.
but there's an advantage here, there is a huge potential: many opportunities and not enough bid.

go to :

Best R.

Dear Asidy,
Can you tell m some of the minerals that are available. we want to come and discuss with the government to develop something there in Niger.
Do you know any government in the ministry of mines?
Can you advise.
King regards,

@ Honestipays

I don't know some one personally at the ministry of mines, but I can check. what is your company? Niger is now open to foreign investors, so I think it will not be difficult for you to meet some one in the ministry.
minerals available in Niger : cement, coal, gold, gypsum, silver, tin... but I don't know the quantity. And of course a lot of uranium witch is extract by Areva.
the petrol is extrat by a china company: CPNC.

Dear Asidy,
Do you have any idea about Phosphate?
And also Gold, Silver, Tin and Gypsum?
Our company can mine any mineral, but we need a large reserve that is close to the port because we learnt transportation of minerals is a great problem in Niger.

Dear Asidy,
My email is [email protected].
we can exchange emails there.
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its easy to find work in Niger? even as dishwacher or kitchen?