News about the forum?

Hi everybody!
It seems a few months since anybody posted in this forum so I'd like to have your feedback about the english speaking expat community in Niger. How strong is it and in which towns are expats localized?
Hope to hear from you very soon!


When you consider where English speakers come from they're largely going to fall into the following categories:  UN and foreign government workers(embassy and aid staff, including Peace Corps), NGO staff (CARE International, Catholic World Relief, etc), missionaries and English-speaking Africans, such as the Nigerian community.  There are very few English-speakers, other than neighboring Africans, who are in Niger purely for commercial/business reasons.

For the most part the vast majority of English-speakers are in Niamey and the American Rec Center at the U.S. Embassy is a good place to meet some on a Saturday afternoon.  The next major center of English-speakers might be in Maradi as there's a confluence of NGO and missionary workers there.  Galmi has several dozen missionaries at their hospital, while nearby Birnin Konni has Peace Corpers and a Nigerian community of traders, plus a few NGO satellite offices.  Zinder also has a similar mix of English speakers. 

After these cities, I believe the next rung of regional capitals: Dosso, Diffa, Tillabery and Agadez would have just a smattering of English-speaking expats.  Perhaps others know of additional communities where English-speakers can be found in significant numbers.