The new "Fachkräfte-Einwanderungsgesetz"

A new law called "Fachkräfte-Einwanderungsgesetz" (skilled personnel immigration law) will take effect from 1.Mar.2020.
It includes the following changes (source … nd-1563122):
- Existing alleviated immigration rules for university graduates will be extended to people with (recognised) vocational training.
- The possibility to come for job search visits (e,g, on JSV) is also extended to people with (recognised) vocational training (provided they have German language skills and financial means to finance their stay).
- Abolition of preferential hiring requirements for EU citizens on skilled jobs (i.e. those requiring degree or vocational training).
- Extension of currently relaxed rules for occupations with manpower shortage to all skilled occupations.
- Plus a few procedural simplifications.

More information (in German only) is available on … esetz.html

As usual, time will have to tell what this means in practice and how it is implemented.
Please note that the new rules do not apply to unskilled jobs or applicants - they are not eligible to move to Germany under this law.

Thanks, this is super important. It should definitely get pinned to the top of the forum!

There is more information here in English. … ation-act/

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