Travelling to Kosovo

HI any Indian who are living in Kosovo, i need some guidance for traveling Kosovo,

Hi Jeyakumar1985,

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What information are you looking for ? Please post your questions so that we may have an idea.


Hi bhavana,
got an job offer in kosovo, so i just want to know that the country is a safest one for living, how much of indians are living and what will be the coat of living etc ..

What kind of offer you have. Hope you are not scammed. Beware !!

I got an offer in a printing company, what kind scams are there?

That can be discussed when I have more detail about job offer. contact me in private

Your private contact details please

add me here and send message

KosovoExpat :

add me here and send message

Why don't you share your experience so it will be beneficial to everyone?

Expat Team

My experience is good, i can got my doubts clarify from varios eexpats, thanks for the expat team to create such a good platform between the people's

Hi Jeyakumar,

Do you have a copy of that offer or a mail ad ?

Normally the company that offered you a job should look after your visa....did they mention anything about visa ?


Hi bhavana,

Thanks for the concern,

Yes i have the mail copy and tge offer letter of the company

Off course they have processed for the visa, i have filles the form of visas,

Found only 3 indian expat members, don't know whether they are still active. I suggest you contact them (click on their username > send a message)

Here they are :

KosovoExpat who posted above and has kindly offered to share some information with you. Feel free to contact him.

Raoneel who posted here : … 93#2538593

And Bhushan who shared some infos here : … 77#3577500

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