Safest place for a black couple to migrate to?

A black young couple planning on getting married ending of the month and we’ve been reading and researching for a while now. We are looking for a place for honeymoon and probably start life there.

We shortlisted Bulgaria, Ukraine and Indonesia but it seems the more we read the more we get confused and discover other places. Would be glad to get any recommendations or advice on safe country to visit based on affordable life, less strict visa processing, racism scare and availability of jobs. She’s into human resource management and I’m into finance and insurance.

This is my email ****, All inputs are appreciated.
Thank you

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OH my!

I am White and have been surprised by the lack of people of color in Bulgaria, however, I see and meet more over the last two years. 

I don't know if my advice is valid but I am used to (as an American) in mingling with people of many colors without concern, but I am also aware that racism is rampant in America.   I have not sensed it in
Bulgaria.   My view is that Sofia is the most cosmopolitan city and maybe the most accepting. 

While I have not seen racism but that is because there are not many people of color.   My advice would be to contact the American University in Bulgaria and see what they say.  Also,  to visit a few times prior to making a decision.   As for me, you are welcome to visit me and I would host you in my city St. Vlas.

As for violence---There is little except between Mafia groups and they avoid the general population. 

I think the color of money dominates in Bulgaria, not the color of skin.

I have had property in Bulgaria for many years now and i find that they are very much set in the "old ways" many do not accept Mixed sex couples, mixed race nor black , and dislike Expats but love the money we bring with us, we still sometimes get a really hard look of contempt from some of the locals and me and my wife are both white

I wonder what bubble one could live in to say that Bulgaria is not a racist country. The majority of Bulgarians I've met--from the sweetest old ladies to little children--are racist. That being said, many are not racist against blacks, especially depending on country of origin.

If you live in a small village, be aware that you may be the first black person the locals have seen in person. I had one friend get annoyed that the village kids always wanted to touch her skin and hair. (I could see that getting really annoying really quick) but she didn't experience aggression or that type of racism... just more of unfiltered curiousity.

I was waiting for the resident shill to pop in and say Bulgarians arent racist but in weeks he didnt had the curage to reply.

Racism is a national sport.

what save you from seeing the truth is the language barrier. Once you understand bulgarian there is no way around.

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