Housing phu quoc


I would like to live around 4 mouth on Phu quoc

How to find a flat to rent there ?
I can’t find good real estate on the internet.

Price around 250-350 dollars

Thanks !

Good luck, Phu Quoc is not cheap. Best thing to do is to go there and get a local to help you.

You can also try to bargain with the owner of an Airbnb listing, even though they often seem to be very greedy. They were asking for insane prices for Can Tho, but I found a "good" deal in Rach Gia through Airbnb.

Forget about USD$350 in Phu Quoc unless you want rats sleeping with you.

What's frustrating is that flights from Rach Gia to Saigon or Saigon to Rach Gia cost about 1.6M but to Phu Quoc it's around 700K. I think Phu Quoc could be a better option if someone was planning on going to Saigon often, 1.5M round trip is very cheap.

Look at the Facebook site Phu Quoc Expats or some such like, plenty of places to rent on there. If you wander around Ong Lang you will find decent one-bedroom accommodation within your price range, more likely at the $350 end than $250 though.

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