Weekend Visit - Las Terrenas

Hi there - I am thinking of driving over to LT for a weekend to relax, enjoy some beach time each day and a couple of good meals before heading back to Moca on the Sunday. Any suggestions? Are there places where folks frequent and we might met some area Expats? We aren't into real loud music. My wife understands spanish only and had a great time when we met several couples in Sosua last year. DOn't mind having to drive to the beach but a location where we need only walk to water, restaurants, bars etc preferred. I read through some threads but only found info for those looking to rent or buy vice weekend visit...thanks very much - Brian & Josefina

In the Fisherman's Village - try LaTerrasse

good food... all Spanish speaking ...right on the water... attentive service

https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_ … ublic.html

this restaurant getting very bad review
suggest buy ur own fish lobster and BBQ
am going to Las Terrenas on January

Did you read Trip Advisor ??

My review of it is excellent.... but I'm Canadian

Certificate of Excellence 4 yrs in a row

aha---  perhaps your a fish monger ...

Hi Brian,

I live here full time. My wife is Dominican, my spoken English is not to bad. We'll be glad to help you finding what you need or guiding you. PM me your dates and budget.


I would always recommend spending time on Coson beach especially when it is calm. The location where Luis beach restaurant is located was intended to be the location of a beach club for the planned resort in the hills behind. It is a lovely location and in my opinion a great place to chill out and enjoy a most understated lunch of fresh seafood cooked in a most rustic setting under high coconut palms. My selection is always dorado a la plancha con arroz, abejuela y enselada verte and perhaps a side of fries. I got to know all the guys who worked there including Luis and his brother and always got good service even when it gets very busy at weekends. my advice is go early and pick a spot close to the beach and order early.


https://www.google.com/search?q=luis+re … mp;bih=569


Montserrat T
Reviewed August 22, 2019
We expected a tasty meal. The appetizer consisted of 6 small shrimp with two sauces. It was okay

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Reviewed April 28, 2019 via mobile
Very bad
First of all, I have gone to this restaurant a lot of times before, at least twice a year. But this time the food was horrible, I had to fight 2 cockroaches before I could have dinner. Is very expensive, you are having dinner in...More

Reviewed April 28, 2019 via mobile
The worst in all my visit to Las Terrenas
I went for dinning with my wife. We were conducted to some terrace to wait for a table. There, we ask for a Pina Colada and Campari. The pina colada was awful, the worst thing never tested in my life. Then we ask for an...More

Moscow, Russia
Reviewed January 25, 2019 via mobile
la terrasse
very bad food and slow service!better if you choise another rest. I ordered pasta, the pasta was the worst in my life

Thanks -  I'll check that out as well as local hotels. Hopefully someone else will offer up info where we may have the opportunity to meet some folks on a Sat afternoon/evening.....cheers

Thanks Pierre - right now I'm looking at arriving early afternoon on 25 Oct and departing on Sunday the 27th. If that weekend doesn't work, and I will know before the end of this week, then I'm thinking the first weekend in Nov. AsI have said, it would be wonderful to meet local folks or go where some of the local expats frequent. I'm only good for english - what french I had is down to about less than the amount of spanish I know...lol....

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