My wife and I will both be retired by next Christmas. Looking to explore possible retirement options in the DR. I would like to visit some of the communities prior to committing to one place. That being said I need an area with an expat community that has outdoor activities tennis/pickleball, bicycling beach as well as being pet friendly. I've posted under Las Terrenas but open to any other suggestions.


You will not find that many places where you can safely ride a bike along the length of beaches here in DR. But in selecting Las Terrenas you have identified one such place that has a bike only path along the whole length of the beautiful Playa Bonita to the west of the town. In the town itself, the road backing along the length of Playa Las Ballenas is quite safe to ride a bike and beyond that through the central part of town and along Playa Popi will be a bit more challenging but not impossible and you would not be alone using two non motorized  wheels.

It certainly is a pet friendly town and you would in company walking your pets along the uncrowded beaches there. As for tennis there are some courts associated with various developments, however should you like the French games of boules, you will often find this being played by residents on the beach there.

Las Terrenas is laid back and with a European feel and a large French/Italian Community and not always to the liking of North Americans who seem to prefer a more lively commercial resort style and so maybe Punta Cana/Bavaro has more retirement facilities to offer or the more expat populated North Coast. But you will find that generally elsewhere, the beaches are hidden away behind the beach properties unlike Las Terrenas.

But do visit and find what suits you.

Some tout SD or Santiago. Some Punta Cana or Las Terrenas, maybe Samana. For me it is the North Shore, Cabrera East to Puerta Plata. I and a several thosand expats prefer the Cabarete/Sosua area. Explore them all, spend sufficient time in each.  Meet enough people and learn what they have to say.  Smile, laugh & use rhe three Ls.    Look....Listen....Learn.   Patience & a sense of humor are vital to fully enjoy this island life.  Welcome & keep posting.

Thanks for the replies. I have a rew questions
1. Since we won't have a car what location is best to reside with the ability to walk and get groceries restaurants and beach access?
2. Do you need to have a residence with security?
3. I don't speak Spanish willing to learn however until then will it be difficult to live there with the language barrier?

We live in Sosua, and don't have a car.  We brought our bicycles with us, and either walk or bike wherever we go in the city.  We get a few strange looks loading up our saddle bags with groceries, and we are an unusual and maybe unexpected sight on the main road/highway.  Walking or biking around Sosua is easy, as it is a small town, with things easily accessible by foot.  We are just learning Spanish ourselves, and while it is not painless to make ourselves understood, it is easy enough.  Most people we have met speak a bit of English, or are willing to accept our butchered Spanish attemtps and work out what we need or want.  I don't think a "gated community" is a necessity, but normal precautions need to be taken, like locking doors and windows, or bars on your windows.  A very friendly place, and we have no regrets moving here at all.

1. Much will depend where you decide to reside within one or other resort. if you are looking for decent supermarkets close to where you live that will narrow down your choices.

Sosua has two decent supermarkets and so does Las Terrenas. Sosua is probably more English friendly. Not many people speak English in Las Terrenas. Many people do their shopping once a week and buy the odds and sods from the colmados and the passing vans and so have a regular driver for the weekly trip. Bavaro/Punta Cana now has good supermarket outlets but is more spread out and definitely more westernized and modern.

2. I can vouch for the security in Las Terrenas as being good resort wide. I had no special security in the 3 non fenced community places where I stayed over a two year period, two on the beach and one a villa in the hills. The tourist police are everywhere ensuring a peaceful resort. Low crime has always been a bonus for the Samana peninsula with only one road in and out.

3. Sosua/Cabarete  and Punta Cana/Bavaro will be easier at first without Spanish.

Try all and even think about Juan Dolio too where there is an Anglophile retirement community.

Does ant communities have pickleball courts?

Sandman1964 :

Does ant communities have pickleball courts?

This is a new sport for me and I thought I would see if any resort does cater for this sport.

I came up with Casa de Campo on the outskirts of La Romana. This is perhaps the elite retirement venue for the well heeled or perhaps stay at the nearby lovely resort of Bayahibe and take trips into La Romana at times. … over-lrcc/ … -wQAvD_BwE

I'm wondering if Playa Grande has these courts too and perhaps  WillieWeb can chip in? If so, Cabrera should be on your list too.

What is picle & icle courts? What are the rquirements? Maybe start one whever you end up? lease enlighten me, I am ignorant of this sport'

Pickleball- played on a miniature tennis court with a mixture of tennis/ping pong rules played with a paddle and a hollow ball with holes. Look up pickleball channel

Thans. Sounds like badmitan with a faster pace. Sounds lie fun.

Playa Grande resort has them....
a very popular sport these days ... and easy to learn
Takes 1/2 a tennis court

Do you need to be a hotel guest to use their courts? do

Not going to work if I'm a long term resident

Any advice on location within Las Terrenas? Hoping for something on or near beach but within walking distance of amenities. Secure and pet friendly

In Las Terrenas you have the beaches and the town. The two supermarkets Lindo and Pola are in the centre of the town and so it will be a decent walk from a beach residence to them. See map and zoom in to see the supermarket locations. … 69.5559162

Personally I think some of the best beach properties to rent are on Playa Las Ballenas, for example Bonita Village at the west end. But you will need to start thinking about getting yourself a quad to get about.

There are apartments for all budgets in this peaceful location.

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