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i have some question. please help me to know.

1. in protocol its written RNM, my question is that i will get RNM card or CRNM card?

2. when can i go for pick up the card to PF after i see the remited status?

3. do i need my spouse with me  to pick up the card or i can go alone for pick up the card?

You'll get your ID Card, your CRNM.  It's proof that you're registered in the RNM, the Registro Nacional Migratório.
You can go to the PF anytime after the status changes to "remitido".  The card is coming from Brasília, so you may want to give it a few days to avoid wasting a trip.
You should just need your Protocolo and your passport to pick up your card.  It's a good idea to have a Portuguese speaker with you when you visit the Polícia Federal, but you can go alone.

thanks for replying .

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