Wanting to re-locate to Calonge (Girona) area

Hello, I'm Lynne from South Yorkshire in the UK. I am currently looking for a villa in the Calonge area. Is anyone living here who can tell me what it it like..? Is it a safe area to live? It seems very cultured from my research (which I like very much) I have two small dogs who will need to come with me. Are there good places to walk (I love hiking and regularly climb all the hills in the Peak District close to where I currently live)

Also, I am interested to learn Spanish. I already speak reasonable French so I'm sure I can apply myself to learn a third language. Are there any classes or even on line courses that would help with this..?

I would plan to only spend 2-3 months of the year in Spain at first, whilst I sort out all my other affairs back in the UK. Can anyone recommend a decent rental agent who can manage my property for me during the times that I am not here..?

Thank you all  :-)

We just moved here two months ago. A family of 3 with a dog.
Very safe and lovely round here. Lots of places to walk the dog and some little streams for them to cool down in!
The local council can help with Spanish lessons, just pay then a visit at the town hall when you get here.
Our neighbours use Quality Estates to look after their house. They’re down for a few months at a time as well and have used that agency for 8-years now.
Hope that helps!

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